Falsifying Test Scores: Accepted Practice in Education

Cheating On Test Scores

When a teenager or child cheats on a test at school there are ramifications. The test is thrown out and the teen receives a failing grade. In some cases, the teen is suspended from school or worse. This is seen as fair treatment for someone who tries to cheat the system in the eyes of the educator.

So what happens when the teachers or administrators cheat on test results?

It is common knowledge that test results for schools in the United States have been dropping over the last decade. In fact, the U.S. is dropping in rank on a world wide scale for educational standards. Schools are seeing math and science scores plummet, and reading levels are at their lowest point since records have been kept.

National testing has been implemented, but the results have been very damaging for many school districts. These scores are showing that schools and their teachers are not performing at even the lowest acceptable standards in many districts.

As a result, many districts have begun to taint the test results to allow their district to score higher. There have already been scandals come to light in the Chicago, Atlanta and Washington D.C. school districts for doctoring test scores.

So what can be done?

Teachers who know that these practices are occurring are often afraid to stand up to the Board of Education over the cheating for fear of losing their jobs. Others, unable to deal with the moral dilemma this causes them, leave the teaching profession. This is unacceptable, especially at a time when the school districts need morally sound and competent teachers.President Abraham Lincoln passed a law that has eventually become known as the Whistleblowers Act. This law states that any person who knows of an entity that receives federal money and is committing fraud against the government has the protection of the government to report this crime. This protection includes being protected from prosecution by the government and persecution from the employer or entity that is being reported. It also provides the whistleblower with a monetary reward if money is recovered by the government because of the fraud.Teachers can use the services of a whistleblower attorney to file a complaint with the government about the cheating being committed by other teachers or the Board of Education on standardized testing without having to worry about their job or being included in the fraudulent act. With the assistance of an attorney, they can make a difference and make this fraud stop.

Fixing test scores is not fixing the problem. It is hurting the children within the school district, and it is damaging the very future of our nation. By hiding the fact that the education system is failing the children, these cheaters are making the problem worse.

In the end, and out of all fairness, these educators and administrators should be held to the very same standards that they hold for the children that they teach. If you cheat, you are punished.


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