Six Toddler Activities For Maximum Fun

There are many different ways that you can plan toddler activities to keep you little one happily entertained while also ensuring that they are able to experience proper physical and mental development. Additionally, parents have several options for keeping their toddler safe while they take care of essential tasks such as housework. As an added bonus, many of the toddler activities will also provide the two of you with the perfect bonding opportunity.

1. Playard – Many parents rely on their infant's playard to keep their child distracted and happy while they are busy doing housework or talking on the phone. In addition, this item is soft enough for nap time. Typically, they feature bright colors and include toys that are good for your child's mental development.

2. Musical Instruments – There are many psychologists who believe that exposing a child to music, from birth, will have a big enough impact on their neural development; the idea is that it will increase their IQ by at least a couple of points. Fortunately, you can easily help your toddler to produce their own music with an instrument that has been made specifically for their age group. Allowing them to engage in toddler activities in this way will also help their creativity and physical development.

3. Sensory Box – You can easily create a sensory box for your toddler by placing a random number of objects inside an empty tub or box. Many people use Cheerios, rice, and items such as Legos to place inside. A handheld toy shovel can be used for sorting and sifting the box contents.

4. Arts and Crafts – If your toddler has already begun to exhibit an interest in creating art, you should definitely encourage this by providing them with an art box of crayons, colored pencils, and paints. It is a good idea to help them create age-appropriate crafts that can be used to decorate your home for the holidays. This will help them with their hand-eye coordination, and it will also provide them with a confidence booster.

5. Face and Body Painting – Every child seems to enjoy making a mess, and you can allow them to embrace this portion of their personality in a controlled environment. For example, expectant mothers can get their toddler involved in the process by handing them non-toxic body paint to decorate mom's pregnant stomach. Toddler activities, like this, will give the child good thoughts that they will associate when the baby is born, and it will also offer you several great photo opportunities. Additionally, your toddler will love having the ability to paint their face and the faces of other family members.

6. Reading Time at the Library – Most libraries have a specific reading time--once a week--for toddlers. This will give your child a chance to socialize with others in their age group, and it will also expose them to a wider variety of stories. Enrolling in reading time is typically free, and it can create a lifelong love of books.

All of these toddler activities are great options, and many of them can be beneficial for slightly older or younger siblings. Additionally, your children can have many great opportunities for fun within each season, such as making their first snowball, picking dandelions, and playing in the sand at the local beach.

Freelance writer LaGeris Underwood Bell knows that parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their toddlers and infants safe, sound, and happily entertained. Especially with infants, parents can find one solution here - Toys, like these, can make life a lot more fun for baby and much easier for mom and dad.

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