Witch Hazel Natures way of healing cuts,bruises and swelling.

Just the name Witch Hazel will make your mind conger up all sorts of ideas about it. In the early days in America, the very flexible forked branches were used for dowsing helping locate precious metals and water.

It was widely used by American Indians as a medicinal plant. The bark was used to treat ulcers of the skin, sores, and tumors. The twigs were placed on the hot rocks in a sweat lodge to bathe and soothe sore muscles with the steam. They also boiled the twigs in water, then rubbed the potion on their backs and legs to help with back aches and sore leg muscles. Witch hazel had many uses including a strong tea for to treat coughs colds, and even dysentery blood purifier and as an astringent and among other things.

In today’s world we use it in our modern medicines. It works great, it is a natural product, found in most pharmacy stores and is very inexpensive to use, It is derived from a plant that is commonly used for controlling bleeding: It can help slow bleeding when applied to a wound topically or used for bleeding ulcers or bleeding gums internally. It is nature's answer to Neosporin. Applying a dab of it will cleanse the wound and it will help protect the wound against infection, and will cut down on the healing time of minor skin breaks. We know when we have serious wounds we need to seek medical treatment by a trained doctor, but witch hazel can slow and help control bleeding while on your way to see the doctor.

Used on bruised areas it will reduce the swelling and the discoloration of the bruise making it fade away quicker. You can use small hand towels or wash clothes soaked with witch hazel and place on your legs to reduce pain and swelling from varicose veins.

Use it as an after shower lotion immediately after showering, it will help capture and hold the moisture that has just penetrated into your skin.

Because it is an astringent by nature it is capable of shrinking swollen tissue to help treat laryngitis as well. Mixed with myrrh, and cloves it can help relieve your sore throat. You should only use the fresh tea or tincture, not the type sold over the counter from drug stores that contains isopropyl alcohol.

It can be used to help tighten your skin and can be used as an anti-itch remedy for poison oak and poison ivy. By combining it with aloe, Vaseline, or glycerin it can be used external hemorrhoids, you will dry up most bleeding. And help reduce itching significantly.

Healing damaged skin is one of many of its specialties. Sunburn even though not noticeable as an inflammation, can be treated with witch hazel and will help skin from flaking and peeling. As with any medicines and or herbal remedies, you should talk with your doctor before using this product if you may be pregnant or plan on breast feeding. You should Let your physician know if you experience chest tightness, leg swelling, nausea, upset stomach, pain, hives, new rashes or irritations, breathing problems, constipation or vomiting . A small number of people who use this product may experience these adverse side effects. You must notify a health official if any problems are noticed.


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