Your Lawn: Winter Tips For A Great Summer Lawn

Tips for your lawn.
Once the leaves fall and the snow flies, you may think it is time to put the wraps on your grass care regimen until the arrival of spring. However, your yard needs your care and attention, even when the weather turns cold and the growing season comes to an end. You may be puzzled about what proactive steps you can take to keep your grass healthy and alive during the cold winter months. When you follow these guidelines, you can protect your grass, trees, shrubs, and tender roots and also get the yard ready for the warmer spring weather that is sure to arrive.

Fertilize and Mulch The Lawn

The lawn may look brown and dead during the fall chill and winter cold. However, your grass’s roots are still alive and in need of nutrients to keep them healthy until spring. You can provide your grass these nutrients by remembering to fertilize and mulch your yard regularly throughout the winter. Making sure that your lawn has plenty of mulch and fertilizer throughout the long winter season can help th lawn awaken greener and fresher once the warmer spring weather arrives.

Keep Watch of Your Lawn’s Hydration

If your area does not get a lot of snow, ice, and rain during the winter months, you may have to take the necessary steps to keep your lawn hydrated. When the temperatures are above freezing, you should water the lawn briefly to make sure that water is getting down to the roots beneath the soil. You ideally should water when the weather is forecast to be above freezing for the next few days. If the water freezes, it could kill your grass and cause you to replant the grass in the spring.

Spread Grass Seed

If your grass has bare patches and needs to be replanted, the winter months could the ideal time to spread new seed. Grass seed tends to be very resilient and can take root even during cold weather. If you spread the seed a few days before rain or snow is forecast, it can sprout and then benefit from that meteorological moisture that falls. You should also take care to avoid spreading seed if the weather is windy and too wet. You do not want the seeds to blow away or become rotted from too much moisture.

Prune Your Hedges and Trees

During the long winter months, you can get the yard ready for spring by pruning your hedges and trees. According to one lawn care Atlanta based company, ''the ideal time to prune is later winter, just before growth begins.'' Keeping these yard fixtures trimmed and in good condition throughout the winter can benefit your landscaping in the spring because the overg rowths will be cut away and thus allow more sunlight and air to reach your lawn. Trimming your hedges and trees can also keep pests like cicadas, moths, and other natural pests out of the lawn.

The winter months require that you devote time and care to the lawn. Taking these steps now during the long winter can help you get your yard ready to grow and thrive when spring arrives.

Writer Melanie Fleury has a yard filled with palm trees and hibiscus, in the cold Atlanta weather! She learned a lot about winter 


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