Geranium Oil

Geranium oil, nicknamed the poor man’s rose oil, is used as a substitute for the more costly rose oil. The healing effects and therapeutic properties are very similar. While there are numerous varieties the one most valued comes the French island of Reunion and carries the name Geranium bourbon-type oil.

The history of this oil dates back several centuries too early Egyptian times where they were using it for medicinal purposes to treat cancer cells and tumors. In the 1600’s it was brought to the European market. The plant is native to South Africa but in today’s world it is cultivated in many countries around the world. It is a perennial plant that can grow as tall as three feet in height having small flowers ranging from pale white to deep purple that have a soft and pleasing aroma.

What are the Health Benefits?

The benefits are derived from the astringent, antimicrobial, cicatrisant, diuretic, styptic, and hemostatic characteristics of this plant.

Antibacterial & Antimicrobial: Wounds are better protected against bacteria or microbes developing on them. The boost in the immune system allows your body to concentrate on internal dangers instead of fighting those externally that are being weakened by infections and toxins. This helps heal athlete's foot, frostbite, burns, fungal infections, eczema, acne and other conditions of the skin.

Astringent: The main use of astringents is used to create contractions in different parts of the body. It is used as an element in aromatherapy for the many healthy benefits it produces. It can balance hormone levels, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, help with menopause, improve skin health, and help in preventing wrinkles giving you a more toned younger look.

Cicatrisant: It helps with better blood circulation below the surface of the skin which helps provide a more even distribution of melanin. This in turn helps reduce scars, age spots, stretch marks, acne and pox marks. People spend a lot of money on cosmetic solutions and they would have been better off using this safe and natural method.

Hemostatic: As an active agent the hemostatic properties increases the speed of which blood clots by contracting the blood vessels and helps stop hemorrhaging. This process of helping create scabs helps prevent toxins from entering open wounds.

Diuretic: This natural diuretic helps rid the body of toxins by increasing the number of times that one urinates. The toxins that are eliminated are sugars, chemical substances, pollutants, bile salts, pathogens, uric acid and heavy metals. Urination helps the body rid excess water and up to 4% of the total amount of urine can be fats. Reducing blood pressure is a natural process where the reduction of sodium is flushed from your system. Urination also helps the digestive system by removing excess acids and bile that your liver generates.

Neural Degeneration: Nitric Oxide when activated releases anti inflammatory properties, helping to reduce swelling in the neural passageways. This can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Studies show that this essential oil activates microglial cells creating a synergy with natural chemistry to help prevent these deadly diseases.

Other Benefits: Geranium oil is also good to lift moods, promote emotional wellness and lessen fatigue. It works great to repel insects and helps stop itching on existing bites. It is used in cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, face creams and can even be used to enhance the flavor of foods. The poor man's rose oil of years gone by has a wealth of benefits for everyone using the oil in today's world. This herb is natural and yet very reasonable to obtain and easy to use.

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