What is so Special About Gardening?

By Carla Vaughan, Certified Master Gardener

If you are an avid gardener, you already know the answer to this question. What if you have never planted a seed before or picked a ripe, sun-warmed strawberry right out of the field? You may ask yourself why so many people love this hobby. It is work, after all.

Part of the answer lies in the needs and desires that all of humankind possess. These needs are psychological and are at the heart of everything we do. Consider the following:

1) a feeling of pride or importance
2) recognition of efforts
3) acceptance by one’s peers
4) the opportunity for creative expression
5) a sense of roots (no pun intended),
6) belonging somewhere
7) the desire to excel at something
8) the achievement of something worthwhile

All of these needs can be satisfied by working the earth, planting seeds or young perennials and caring for the various needs that all plants have. Ask anyone who gardens and you will soon understand the immense feeling of satisfaction that comes from nurturing a living thing and seeing it respond to being tended.

Gardening is something that reaches beyond the flower bed or vegetable plot. It brings neighbors closer together, teaches children about the world around them and provides lesson after lesson of nature’s amazing power.

As if that isn’t enough to make you want to buy a trowel, there is another truth to gardening that probably adds length to lives around the globe. Gardening is a peaceful pursuit. Have you ever heard the whir of a butterfly’s wings? Did you ever notice the way an evening sunset teases the scent from a fragrant flower? If there is one thing that should not be missed in life, it is the chance to inhale white ginger at dusk.

Life becomes a bit more enjoyable with the vibrant colors of zinnia, monarda and petunia. The world seems a little less hectic when reclining on a porch swing surrounded by carolina jasmine. A rough day at the office is certainly soothed by a cup of fresh chamomile grown in your own herb garden.

It isn’t unrealistic. It’s exactly what every gardener knows and lives for each and every day. You can know it too. Just think of the possibilities around you. A window box is the perfect setting for herbs and colorful annuals. A pot or two of gold and deep purple coleus are sure to greet you warmly at the end of each day. Plant a border of impatiens in a shady spot and they’ll reward you month after month.

Gardening is work, yes, but it’s relaxing work. Yes, that sounds like an oxymoron, but it is a reality that cannot be ignored. To do so would limit you and your ability to achieve everything that is possible within you. You see, gardening is one hobby that gives back. When the day is done and you have pulled the last visible weed from your new bed of daylilies, the feeling of accomplishment is a delight to the soul. In one respect, the reward is the beauty of the weed-free bed, but in another sense, it is knowing that you did it and did it well. Is it difficult to imagine such a great feeling from working hard on something that will look so grand in just a short time? Perhaps it is something that must be experienced to be truly understood. It must be felt.

So, go buy a trowel.

Garden awhile and see why it is the number one hobby for people around the world. You will likely live a little longer - and in the meantime - enjoy being a bit more relaxed and a whole lot more satisfied.

About the author: Carla Vaughan is a renaissance woman. She has many interests. Besides being a certified master gardener, she has created a website to help people in their job search.

You can see her website at: www.professional-resume-example.com

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