My Long Lost Adopted Brother

This is article is about my search for an adopted brother. When you Adopt A Child Please let the child know that He or She has a biological family somewhere. Let them decide if they want to search or not. They have that right to know.

My Brother and I were separated when we were young It has taken me 62 years to find him, but I did and I Thank GOD!!!! I would like to tell you all to never give up the search looking for your family. It took me a long time to find my brother. I searched on the internet and had his last name put in the database. All I had to go on was baby boy brown. July 16 1945. I even made a web site of my own and put it in the yahoo directory with no results.

Yes I got frustrated at times and wanted to give up, but something inside of me said to keep going. I called up the social services in my state and told them I was sick and needed to find my adopted brother. It took them 2 years to locate him and low and behold they even found an uncle I didn't know I had.

The night my brother called me up was the best night of my life. He said “hello this is your brother" I was speechless but happy at the same time. Everyone in the family died including our mother and father. He never knew his family.

He was adopted when he was two years old. I was adopted also but they kept me in the family, my aunt adopted me. I was able to tell my brother and uncle about the family. My uncle was even adopted when he was four. Now they both know about their family history and the family book is now closed.

What ever you do please don't ever give up hope your family is out there. Maybe they are looking for you also. Contact your social services in your state; ask them to help you find your loved ones. If they can help you they will.

It may take some time but it's worth the wait. They know ways to find people that we don't. My Uncle Robert and my adopted brother George were found by the state, because I took the time to call them. No was not an acceptable answer to me. All the time I put out to find my adopted brother was well worth the end results.I have written a poem about him and would like to share it with you.

My brother by Alice Donatelli

I always wanted a brother, to tell my troubles to,
A very special brother, a brother tried and true.
I always wanted a brother, to take most anywhere,
Maybe to the movies, or to the county fair.
I always wanted a brother, to hug and kiss goodnight,
A special baby brother, to watch him grow up right.
But my baby brother , was taken from me, somewhere to parts unknown,
It left me broken hearted, because now I was alone.
I swore someday I would find him, but where was I to look,
I needed to find my brother, to close the family book.
I prayed to god most every night, to answer one special prayer,
That when I woke up some morning, he'd be standing there.
I thought my search was over, I felt weaker every day,
until that faithful evening, this is your brother, I heard him say.
Now my search is over, I found what I once loved, and no one can take him from me, except the lord above.

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