Aquarium Fish Care

Having aquarium fish is perhaps the easiest way to enjoy pets without requiring a whole lot of care. It only requires a little time out of your day to maintain an aquarium.

While there are things that should be done daily to care for aquarium fish, some things need to be done weekly or bi-weekly.

It's important to watch your fish every day to make sure they appear to be healthy and happy overall. Neglect this and you might wake up one day with dead or diseased fishThis may sound strange, but stress can be one of the main cause of sickness in fish.

It is important that your aquarium fish have proper lighting and filtration system. Check the filters and lights on a daily basis to make sure that they are operating correctly.

When you feed your fish keep the same schedule day-to-day. Feed the fish daily and only feed what they will eat in the first several minutes. Any excess food will become debris in the tank and can increase nitrate levels and cause sickness or death to the fish.

You should check the water temperature and pH balance each week. Any necessary adjustment should be made promptly. Check with your local pet store when purchasing fish to find out what levels are appropriate, as this varies amongst the different aquarium fish species.

Keeping the filter clean is very important. Filters clean the water from an over abundance of food and excretment by the fish. Over time the filters will fill with debris and will not be able to keep the water fresh unless they are cleaned on a regular basis. The filter also helps to resupply oxygen as well as eliminate waste. When the filters get clogged, the water circulation will slow and this will limit the amount of oxygen that is added to the water in the tank. This could become a hazard to your fish and may cause sickness or death. Change the filter on the aquarium every two to three weeks depending on need. Some filters are disposable while others will be need to be washed and put back in the aquarium.

When the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy it is time to change a portion of the water and clean the tank.

The best method to change water in a tank is to do it in steps.

  • Always unplug all electrical equipment before you start to clean the aquarium.
  • Change approximately one-third of the water in the aquarium every one to two weeks. When using tap water you will need to treat it and remove the chlorine prior to adding it to the aquarium. There are some chemicals that will remove harmful chlorine in around an hour, some may take over night.
  • Have the water within several degrees of the water that is in the aquarium. Get this information from the pet store when purchasing fish.
  • Use a small sponge or scrubber foam clean the sides of the tank to remove any built up algae...Do NOT use any that have had soap or detergents in them. Use slow motions, being careful not to disturb or scare the fish.
  • Move rocks and decorations to loosen any debris. Collect any debris with a fish net, small stainer or vacuum-type of siphon when removing the water.
  • Cut away dead leaves from the plants.
  • Using a paper towel and clean tap water, you can clean the outside of the tank. Wipe off the top to clear away any dust that may have accumulated.

Once the tank is clean, remember to reconnect the aquarium lights and filter system back in. Now, set back and enjoy the freshly cleaned tank and beautiful aquarium.

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