The Baby Shower: A Time For Celebration!

Planning a baby shower for someone you know? We all know that a new baby on the way is cause for celebration! If you are planning on throwing one of these "parties" for an expectant mother, this article briefly explains how baby showers came about, and some of the options and decisions you must make while doing the planning.

The anticipation of baby's arrival is always exciting, however, it's often a situation in which both of the parents-to-be feel great anxiety as well. These feelings are felt especially strong by first-time parents because there is so much to learn and so many different items required to give their new baby the proper care.

The baby shower idea originally came about as a way for family members and friends to be together during this much anticipated occasion of the baby's new arrival. At the same time, it was a great way to providing relief from the financial burden on parents-to-be by supplying them with furnishings, clothing, accessories, and all the other gadgets they need when the baby comes home.

Even though today a lot of people choose to stray from some of the previous "norms", these events still adhere to the more traditional guidelines for the most part. Probably one of the biggest differences today is the guest list. Traditionally, in the past you would find that they were only attended by other women. However, today, many men find that their names make it onto the guest list, and even more surprising, the men who do attend do so with much excitement and enthusiasm. They might not be so eager to participate in all the games, but men do seem to enjoy the opportunity to share in the excitement for the expectant parents-to-be.

In some cultures, however, a baby shower is considered a sign of bad luck. If there's any possibility that either of the expectant parents might feel this way, be sure to check with them before proceeding with any plans for a shower.

In many parts of the world, baby showers are actually thrown after the arrival of the newborn baby. This makes perfect sense since a baby shower is in celebration of the newborn and it gives the guests an opportunity to actually enjoy getting to know the new addition. It also makes it so much easier to give gender-appropriate clothing and gifts, and if a gift requires a personal touch (such as a name engraved), then the guests will have that information ahead of time as well.

Throwing the shower after the baby is born does make perfect sense, but you must keep in mind that it is a very busy adjustment period for the new parents. Additionally, most of the baby items are needed when the newborn is brought home. That's why scheduling the baby shower approximately a month or more before the due date is chosen most often.

The baby shower itself is a traditional event, and for the most part most showers will involve the same activities. Guest lists and invitations need to be created and mailed. The location for the shower should be decorated. Plans for entertainment for the guests such as food, drinks, and games need to be coordinated. Finally, because it is such a joyous and special occasion, there may be photographers, videographers, musicians, etc., that you may wish to inquire about.

A baby shower can be a big to-do with lots of little details to coordinate so keep in mind that every detail is going to cost money. That's why it's highly recommended that whoever is in charge of hosting the event to come up with a reasonable budget and stick with it!

Special talents are not needed to pull off a wonderful and successful baby shower, just a well-organized and thought-out plan that includes a reasonable budget and timeline for the event.

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