To have a great scrapbook, you need to know the best photo taking techniques.

One of the best photo taking techniques for scrapbooking is the The Law of Thirds:

Obviously a major component for scrapbookers are their personal photos. In the audio " Become an Expert Layout Designer

," one of the topics you learned about was the placement of photos on single or double pages. You learned how many pictures to generally use, how they are best laid out, etc.

In this audio you’ll learn a simple way to take better photos? This is a foundational element for all scrapbookers. The better the pictures, the happier you’ll be with your scrapbook.

This technique produces “easy on the eyes” pictures. It will help you go from “good shots” to “breath taking shots.” The average person does not know about this technique and unless they happen to be lucky, they seldom use it. It's called the Rule of Thirds.

This audio article goes into:

* What is this most talked about photography technique and how can it help you?

* How this technique will help you to cut down on the time it takes to create your scrapbook?

By learning how to take better photos, how best generally to lay them out, etc. you are on your way to creating scrapbooks that will bring you great joy. Scrapbooks others will marvel at.

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