The Benefits Of A Breast Pump.

Why you should buy and use a baby breast pump.

If you are an expecting mother you will no doubt be wondering about whether to breast feed your baby. Although it's not always the easiest thing to do, health specialist are unanimous in saying that breast milk is the best food for a baby. The milk is full of nutrients that you simply cannot find elsewhere and scientists are constantly finding new benefits of breast feeding. If you do decide to breast feed you will more than likely want to buy a breast pump. They are intended for you to extract the milk from your breasts so that your baby can be fed at any time by any one. The machine works on a similar principle of a cow milking machine which you will see in commercial dairy farms.
When you've extracted the milk, that milk can then be stored in a bottle so that someone else has the ability of feeding the baby with your own breast milk. Another reason for buying and using a pump is that often your breasts will produce too much milk and so when this happens, you can use the pump to relieve the excess. Sometimes babies have trouble latching onto the breast for feeding so using a pump allows you to then feed through a bottle.

When searching for a pump to buy you will quickly realize that you have different options. Many of the pumps available use a manual pump and this means the mother has much better control over what pressure and frequency is used. There are also battery operated pumps which are becoming more popular now. Some of the pumps have a baby bottle attached which you would then use for feeding your baby. There is even a hands-free pump.

Mothers are generally recommended to use a pump as soon after having a baby as possible. There are hospital-grade pumps which can be used initially and these can be rented with the advice of your hospital's NICU. When you go to use a pump, for the initial two weeks it's advisable to use the pump for between 8 and 10 times a day. This frequent use help encourage a good supply of milk. You will want to use the pump day and night but obviously you need to sleep so using the pump less frequently during the night is OK. Each time you use the pump it will be for around 10 to 12 minutes. With this routine you should be able to have a very good supply of milk.

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