Getting Rid of Stretch Marks... What Are The Best Soultions?

The Best Solutions for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

by Rachel Starks

A sudden loss or gain of weight can result in that unsightly skin condition called stretch marks. They appear due to rapid weight loss as well as weight gain, such as during pregnancy. But what few people know is that men are also victims of stretch marks. Stretch marks are present in about forty percent of the male population, which means that a large number of people face this problem.

Fortunately there plenty of ways to prevent and even reduce the appearance of stretch marks. With all the advancements in technology the market is now flooded with stretch marks treatments. Many of those are effective and easy to use. The following are some of the options that can be considered while getting rid of stretch marks.

Smooth them Away

Many products take the form of lotions and creams that are specially designed to help you get rid of stretch marks. They are mostly useful when used in the early stages of the stretch marks creation process. From women who are pregnant to women and men who experience a rapid gain or loss of weight, lotions and creams with the right type of vitamins represent a very good approach for getting rid of the stretch marks. Vitamins A,C and E are a good idea, especially when the cocktail also includes other minerals.

While vitamin E is very effective to reduce the appearance of stretch marks other vitamins and minerals represent an essential factor in maintaining the moisture balance and texture of the skin. Many studies indicates the use of cocoa butter and shea butter can also be used in getting rid of the stretch marks. But these last two options result in allergic reactions in some people and some caution is advised.

Laser Treatment and Abdominaplasty

Fully formed stretch marks can also be removed completely through a procedure known as abdominaplasty. Abdominaplasty involves a tummy tuck which removes the excess skin in the stomach region. Some fat is also removed from the region. Even though it is an expensive and drastic surgical procedure, it is most effective in completely removing stretch marks from the abdomen region. It is a quick fix.

Laser therapy represent another option for getting rid of stretch marks. Although it is not as effective as adbominplasty because it cannot remove stretch marks completely, the results are quire dramatic. It is also a less expensive and less invasive method of getting rid of stretch marks.

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