Building A Green Home To Help Save The Environment

Building a green home, what you need to know

If you have been listening to the news media at all lately you know that environmental issues are begining to get tremendous public exposure. More and more consumers are becoming aware that our natural resources are dwindling and that many of the byproducts created by energy consumption are harmful to the environment. Even those indifferent to environmental concerns have become very concerned about saving energy as the cost of oil and natural gas have risen dramatically in the past few years. The rise in energy costs and increased awareness of environmental issues has spawned the growth of building a green home. According to one housing expert, at least fifty percent of home builders will be adding some kind of green features to their homes. Not surprisingly, most home builders at the time being are concerned less with environment and more about reducing costs as much as possible.

Most new homes built are not very efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Because of the focus of building homes as quickly and as cheaply as possible, most new homes do not make very efficient use of energy. Energy conservation is perhaps the biggest concern of environmentalists when it comes to home building. Making a home more efficient in terms of energy use can be as simple as the way the home is oriented towards sunlight or the amount of insulation used during construction.

If building a green home is of great interest to you (and it certainly should be) you should try to work with experienced professionals as much as possible. Try to find a contractor who at least has some prior experience building green homes or building homes in an otherwise friendly manner. A builder with prior green experience is much more likely to understand your needs and even willing to do extra work in order to meet your needs.

Although the environmental benefits of a green home can often be substantial, the cost of using green material and implementing green technology can be very expensive. Before deciding to go green with your new home you need to calculate the added cost and compare those costs with the future benefits. The benefits of going green, aside from the positive environmental impact, may include reduced energy costs and an increase in the homes market value.

Water use is a form of waste that is often overlooked by those looking to go green. As with normal energy consumption, most homes are not designed to make efficient use of water. As with oil and natural gas, water is a natural resource that is quickly being depleted. Conserving water in your new home can be as having the builders install ultra low flow toilets and more efficient showerheads. Ultimately, the choice to go green is smart one and in almost cases is worth the added cost.

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