Buying Contact Lenses Be Informed Before You Buy.

Questions to Ask when Buying Contact Lenses

Buying contact lenses is a big deal because they affect how it is you see the world around you. Since eyesight is very important, it is important to make sure that no harm can be done to our vision and that nothing occurs that can negatively compromise our vision. However, when buying contact lenses, many are not sure what to look for and there are certain things that should be evaluated before buying contact lenses are considered. Do you have allergies? Do you work in an environment where particles of materials and fumes can get in your eyes? Are you able to properly take care of the contact lenses? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself when bringing the issue of having contact lenses to the table with the doctor.

Once you answer the above questions and you determine that allergies, work, and proper care of the lenses are not an issue; then it is time to ask the doctor questions. Learn as much about you buying contact lenses as possible. Even if you are using an online service to order your contacts, get on the phone or e-mail them a bunch of questions. You want to know what your choices are and how those choices will affect your ability to see. You want to be able to see the best you can and be comfortable while doing it, so don't be afraid to ask these questions:

- What do the markings on the box mean? You should ask this question, especially if you will be ordering contacts from a source other than your doctor. The markings are your measurements such as "sph" meaning the spherical power of the lens. A negative before the number means that you are myopic, or what many call nearsighted. The "BC" is the curvature of the back of the lens and the "Dia" is the diameter of the lens. These are just a few examples of what you may see on the box.

- What are the different materials that I have to choose from? You want to know this because different people may require different materials. Some even have to try different contacts before they find one that fits them well, so don't get discouraged if this is you. This is why the doctor may offer you a trial pair. If that doesn't work, then he may offer you another until you can find one that is comfortable enough for you.

- Are soft contacts or hard contacts better for me? Hard contacts are hardly used nowadays, but there are those who wish to continue wearing them. The doctor may suggest soft lenses, but an exception may be made if you wore hard lenses in the past and liked them.

- Why is my contact lens prescription different than my glasses? The distance the lens is from your eye can have an impact on this. It also depends on what degree of astigmatism you have. Astigmatism may be corrected on one or the other.

- Can my astigmatism be corrected with my contacts? It is possible for low astigmatism to be corrected with contacts, but it is fair to say that those with severe astigmatism may find that they see better with their glasses since astigmatism can only be corrected so much with contact lenses.

And so these are questions that you must ask of your doctor to learn a little more about these very small and clear circles that correct vision for millions of people. It is important to know this information because it allows you to know more about what you're putting in your eyes and helps you make more informed decisions when choosing the contact lens that is right for you.

We would like to thank Amy Nutt for this article on buying contact lenses.

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