The Top 5 Most Deadly Foods.

The top 5 most deadly foods you are eating and how to stop them from killing you. Many people will tell you that you can enjoy the things that you want as long as you do it in moderation. While that may be true for somethings, it is not true where all foods are concerned.

It has been said that the 4 leading causes of death in the United States are directly related to a person's diet. Below is a list of the 5 most deadly foods that you need to avoid.

1. Soda - Most people do not realize that a can of soda actually contains as much as ten total teaspoons of sugar, not to mention a grand total of 150 calories.

If it is not caffeine free then it can have anywhere from 30 to 55 mg of caffeine as well as sulphites and artificial food colors.Many think that they are ok with drinking diet sodas but they can actually have more unhealthy artificial sweeteners. One of the main problems with people today is that they have become accustomed to drinking soda everyday so it is more or less a staple of their daily life. It has been shown that at least 56 to 85% of kids have at least one soda a day. A major part of the problem is that sodas have become a staple in many people's diets. If you really think about it, sodas are actually a major problem area in almost everyone's diet.

2. French Fries and Potato chips - When foods are fried or baked at high temperatures, they can form a carcinogen and neurotoxin which is otherwise known as acrylamide. It is known that acrylamide is the cause of literally thousands of cancers diagnosed every year in Americans alone. Studies have shown that the normal amount of acrylamide that is allowed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is exceeded by at least 300 times with some of the top name brand of chips as well as French fries

3. Dough nuts and other baked goods - Everyone loves a good dough nut but when you break it down, all you'll find is refined flour and sugar, artificial flavors and usually partially hydrogenated oil. Which means it's pretty much packed full of trans fat. Nothing good comes from these tasty treats.

4.Coffee Cake and Other Baked Goods - This type of baked goods include such things as cake mixes that you buy in a box as well as biscuit mixes and other baked goods. These are considered to be really bad as they contain high amounts of trans fat as well as other unwanted preservatives and additives. What many people do not realize is that commercial baked goods generally are higher in trans fats than any other foods because, not only are they made with these types of oils, they are also fried with them too.

4. Luncheon Meats/Hot Dogs - Any type of processed meats such as hot dogs, luncheon meat, sausage and even pepperoni contain what is known as carcinogenic precursor or sodium nitrite. This is considered a very dangerous ingredient that has been known to cause cancer.

5. Canned Soup - Many people do not realize the high content of sodium, artificial preservatives, and trans fats that are in a can of soup. Most people believe that soup is healthy for them and that they are making a good choice when they opt for soup over a sandwich. They will most likely consume more than one cup of soup in one sitting. Just 1 cup of canned soup can contain at least 1000 mg of salt, which is nearly half of the daily recommendation of salt levels for a person in one day.

The top ten foods that are known as the best for you to eat are whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, watermelon, spinach, broccoli, beans, cantaloupe, oranges and 1% milk. Most people are not aware that 1/3 of all cancer cases in the USA are caused from improper nutrition. Many people either eat too little fiber or too much fat and mainly not enough fruits and vegetables.

You want to be sure that you have an exercise program and a proper diet in place to ensure that you have the best of both worlds. By making good food choices avoiding the deadly foods and taking care of your body, you will ensure that you live a longer and healthier life.

We would like to thank Steve Hocman for this article on The Top 5 Most Deadly Foods You Are Eating and How to Stop Them From Killing You. Most people are unaware how these deadly foods are so bad for them. We have grown up eating these deadly foods with little or no concern for our future health. With all the studies that have been done on healthy foods it is time to stop eating the deadly foods and get started on the right track for healthy living.


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