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As part of "discounts and promotions" package, we have put together a selection of links to major corporations offering sales, discounts, and promotional items to help you save as as you shop online. This page provides a variety or "mixed bag" of discounts, but if you're looking for savings in a specified category, please explore the links at the bottom of this page for a list of categorized promotions and savings for your convenience.

As we search for information and promotions to add to, there are times we happen to find merchants that have promotional items or coupons for great discounts. As we find items of value, we will list them for you in this section, many times with an expiration date. We try hard to list only products from reputable companies.

We have placed many of the ads in their own section to help your search for good deals and promotions. Check out these pages.

Automotive savings
Clothing deals and discounts
Computers and electronics...Laptops, software and more
Dating... find your soulmate
Financial ...Credit repair, investment and publications
Gardening coupons save on landscaping, plants and more
Health and fitness....Diet programs exercise equipment
Home decorating discounts
Jewelry and accessories... Find a bargain
Shoe savings... Save enough to buy two pair
Travel air fares, hotels and more

Find your favorite section, place this page on your favorites list and now for the important stuff...LETS GO SHOPPING.

Since promotions, coupons and discounts all have expiration dates, we will replace old items with new ones. Check often to check out new items.

If a promotion you had interest in has been moved or replaced please contact us. Our editors will search the archives, if a company has new promotions we will be happy to re-list their promotions and then notify you.

For more deals and discounts check these pages
Automotive Savings
Clothing Discounts
Computer and Electronics
Financial Institutions
Gardening Buy plants and supplies on sale
Health, Beauty, and Fitness
Home decorating discounts
Jewelry and Accessories Discounts
Savings on shoes
Travel Promotions and Savings

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