Speech Disorders

Speech pathologists, while not physicians, do work within the medical field. They deal with patients that have speech disorders from a wide variety of causes and also deal with swallowing disorders. They also assist in the diagnosis of laryngeal dysfunction including hoarseness, and have helped define and identify the role of esophageal reflux disease in a number of patients.

Speech pathologists will work with children that have speech disorders, adults after laryngectomy, patients with swallowing disorders from neurological diseases, and performers with laryngeal problems, stroke speech therapy and interactive speech therapy patients.

While there is a lot of information and speech therapy articles available to our readers and we will always be adding new articles for your benefit. The better informed you are the better you will be able to help yourself or others.


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  • Speech Therapy For The Hearing Impaired
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  • Speech Therapy Voice Training in the Laryngectomee
  • The Goals of Speech Therapy For Better Communication
  • The Role of Speech Therapy in Traumatic Brain Injury

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