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Ways to Organize and Decorate At The Same Time .... After The Clutter is Gone, Of Course!

Without a doubt, there are plenty of home storage solutions to help organize your home life. But ... what you may not realize is that from a home decorating point of view, getting everything organized and removing clutter can beautify your home.

Have you ever noticed how much larger rooms looked before the clutter got out of control, and how inviting they once felt? One general solution to getting your home back in order is to "kill two birds with one stone"...buy decorative furniture pieces that also act as storage units. Naturally, the home storage solutions you ultimately choose will most likely depend on the types of things you need to store as well as how often you will need to reach for them.

Before we give you a few suggestions for some potentially wonderful home storage solutions, let's first have a little heart-to-heart talk about the things you just can't seem to part with!!

How long exactly have you been holding onto those old magazines that date back to the start of your subscription? Is your closet still full of clothing that you once adored back in the '90's or even the 80's? Heaven forbid! Do you still have furniture and other items that you've held on to for many years just because? If you answered yes to any of these questions then that makes you a pack rat! Whether you want to believe it or not, it's true! No need to be ashamed, and don't worry, you are not alone and many of us share your pain. We all tend to battle with that sentimental feeling and urge to keep things that we "might possibly" need again someday. Most likely, however, in most cases, these things just end up gathering even more dust and take up more and more precious space as time goes by.

So ... here's your first task before selecting home storage solutions for your beloved items. Go from room to room, including closets, garage, attic, and basement and pull out all the things that you are holding on to for no real good reason. My rule of thumb is this..."If you do not see yourself wearing it or using it within the next 12 months, then seriously consider giving it to someone who could actually get some use out of it." This will obviously not include important papers!! If you are happy just "giving" your stuff away, then consider having a garage sale and earn a little bit back from your discarded items. Or, if you don't want to hassle with a garage sale, you can always make a charitable donation to a nonprofit organization such as a church or a shelter. Be sure to get a receipt so that you can deduct the value of the items on your next tax return.

Once you've gotten rid of the things that you no longer use or need, consider these options for home storage solutions for the rest if the items that you do keep!

Home Storage Solutions - Use Furniture!

Armoires - You can find armoires in many styles and storage configurations. They will add beauty and presence to any room. In general, Over-sized armoires are recommended for storage rather than two smaller pieces of furniture. Again from an interior decorating point of view, an armoire will add a lot of character to your room and make it look much bolder.

Chest of Drawers - A chest of drawers is what you need if you want to separate items by type. As with the armoire, go with one that is large and has the deeper drawers.

Storage Chests/Trunks - These are great for storing bulky items such as blankets, extra pillows, and quilts. You can also use them to store many other items, such as toys and books, or just about anything imaginable . Many people choose to also double the use of their trunks by using them as coffee tables or even perhaps an end table.

We could go on and on with home storage solution ideas, but I'm sure you have the idea by now. We hope that this information has at least provided some motivation and insight as to how you can finally get rid of some of the clutter in your home...or, at the very least, get it organized and stored in something nice that will in turn add a touch of beauty to your home.

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