Here are tips on how to improve your laundry routine so you can create faster, cheaper, and cleaner results

Laundry...we all hate it but it has to be done. If you take the time to improve your laundry routine, it will make your life easier and less hectic. We can all use a little of that.

Being prepared and planning out a laundry method ahead of time will improve your laundry routine and help you have more garments ready for wear as well as save you time. Here are some tips for taking control of this much-dreaded chore:
1. It is always a good idea to treat stains as soon as you notice them, so have products on hand for this purpose. Such products could include ammonia, bleach (color safe as well as regular), paint remover, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, club soda, and petroleum jelly to name a few.

2. Learn how to use your washer and dryer appropriately by reading through your owner's manuals and follow your manufacturer's recommendations for best results. Select appropriate cleaning products for your appliance and water type (you may need to have your water tested for hardness, and if it's especially hard, you may want to purchase a water softener).

3. You can improve your laundry routine by following this one simple rule which will help you avoid unnecessary ironing: Always take your clothes out of the dryer immediately and fold them or hang them right away. If you forget to do this, you can throw a damp towel into the dryer (to create steam) and re-dry for five to ten minutes to remove wrinkles.

4. Disposable fabric-softener sheets can get expensive. To cut your laundry costs, try dampening a washcloth with a liquid fabric softener and use it instead of the dryer sheets; it's cheaper and works well.

5. If you use a local laundromat, it helps to buy a portable tote to store all your laundry products in so you don't forget anything.

6. Sort garments to be ironed by fabric type and/or temperature required.

Here are four additional tips to help you improve your laundry routine:

1. Keep a basic sewing kit handy. If you do your laundry at a laundromat, you can make small repairs while waiting.

2. If you have children then that means more dirty laundry, more rips and tears to repair, missing buttons, and more stains! You will be looking for and learn to appreciate new shortcuts. It is helpful to have some fusible bonding material, patches (iron-on), and extra buttons on hand.

3. While it is best to keep laundry caught up, sometimes that isn't possible. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, save yourself some time by taking it to a laundromat. By doing this you can get it all done at once (even if you have laundry facilities at home). If you have nine loads to do, you can fill up nine washers and dryers and do all nine loads in the time it takes to do one. Remember to go at off-peak hours so you don't have to wait for appliances. You'll go home a few hours later with all your laundry nice is that!

4. Limit special care items such as old linens and delicate handmade items, and make sure you don't mind the extra work that it takes to keep these items looking nice and clean.

From the tips above, you can see how taking the time to improve your laundry routine might make your life easier. By accomplishing this, you will free up more spare time to do the things you would really rather be doing!


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