A Few Ideas To Help You Have A Beautiful Lawn

Lawn care you either love it or hate it. For myself a lawn is a low priority, it gets fertilized once a year and mowed when it needs it. However our neighbors love working in the yard and they win yard of the month consistently. For those of you who want to be in the same category here is an article that will give a few tips on having a beautiful lawn. Lawn Maintenance Is A Necessary Part Of A Beautiful Lawn

by Andrew Caxton

Lawn maintenance is a must for homeowners. With the right strategies, you can develop the quality lawn you want.

Lawn maintenance is essential. It is just as essential as getting the car taken care of. To keep your lawn beautiful, lush and healthy, you need to make a few things happen over the course of the year. If you do not like your lawn and would rather it all be cement, that's one thing. On the other hand, you may want great looking grass. The amount of work that you do is up to you, from just trimming it to really taking care of it. There are several things that you should be doing, nonetheless to take care of your lawn.

Seeding Requirements

In the fall, it is time for you to consider over seeding the lawn. This allows the new grass to begin to grow before it goes into the winter season. In the spring, the lawn is then fuller right from the start. Another consideration in the fall is aeration. This type of lawn maintenance should be done in locations where there is a lot of traffic. When you walk on or even drive on the soil, you compact it so much so that nutrients, water and even air can't get in to feed your lawn. This causes the grass to die or to become brown in areas that are heavily walked on. Aeration should be something that you take care of every year. The process removes plugs of grass from these areas and then allows air to get into the grass itself, helping to give it more of what it needs.

Essential Watering

Lawn maintenance also means monitoring the amount of water that your grass gets. In most cases, the lawn needs about an inch of water one time per week. Too much water can cause the ground to become much too loose and the grass literally drowns because of it. Too little water will cause the lawn to not get enough nutrients to survive. Use a rain gauge to help you to monitor the amount of water being taken in.

Proper Cutting

Another aspect of lawn maintenance is surrounded by grass cutting. If the grass is cut too short, you will likely remove too much of the necessary green that is needed and the grass will die. Remove only about a third of an inch from the grass at any time. Allow this small amount to remain on the lawn too so that the clippings work as fertilizer for it.


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