Parkinsons Disease...It is Possible to Find Relief from the Symptoms

Here is the simple truth. People recover from Parkinsons disease when they hold the belief that recovery is possible. Those who believe their health can improve do improve. They take responsibility for their own health and well being and commit to a program that gives their body the support it needs to heal. Consciously or unconsciously many persons with Parkinson's hold the opposite belief. They are convinced they have a "disease" and are resigned to the fact their health is destined to deteriorate over time.

Perhaps the deterioration will be slow, but deterioration at any pace is unavoidable. They are convinced that their body is broken and needs to be fixed by someone else or by a magical drug in order for them to get well.

Thousands of research articles exist that evaluate the effectiveness of one treatment or another on the symptoms of persons with Parkinson's. The bulk of this research evaluates the effectiveness of one drug or another. The underlying thesis of this literature converges on the same proposition. The health of persons with Parkinson's decline on average 3-4% each year.

Virtually every published source of information on Parkinsons disease states that it is a progressive disease. Progressive means that once an individual is diagnosed with the condition, they are destined to get worse, year after year.

Government publications say that Parkinson's is progressive. Most web sites with a focus on Parkinson's say this. Many health care providers believe Parkinson's is degenerative.

I also believe the condition is progressive, but the meaning I have in mind has a very different spin. Progressive in my book of definitions means that anyone with Parkinsons disease can get progressively better.

When I examine studies that track people on drug therapies for Parkinson's, there is an interesting finding that is consistent across studies. Ten percent of people with Parkinson's on average do not get worse over time. Deterioration thus does not happen for 10% of the people with Parkinson's symptoms.

People do recover from Parkinson's. People do feel better when they begin to take care of their bodies. The body is a miracle that can always heal itself when given the proper support.

Even if you are enthusiastic and optimistic about getting well today, most people with Parkinsons eventually revert back to the belief that Parkinsons disease is a progressively degenerative disease. Since this belief is held by many people, it is easy to fall back into the black hole of hopelessness.

Guess what? This belief is not true.

The truth is that recovery is possible. Relief from symptoms happens. People have done it. People are doing it.

Of course it is difficult to sustain a belief that differs from what knowledgeable authorities say is true. When a bad day creeps up on you, the normal reaction is to say to yourself :

"Oh, right. The evidence is staring me in the face. I am feeling worse today than yesterday. This means I am getting worse, just as 'they' said would happen."

We feel good some days and lousy other days. Note that I say "we." By "we" I mean everyone - people who are healthy and those who are not. The difference is that people who are healthy say to themselves:

"I will be better soon."

People with Parkinsons disease say to themselves

"Here it is."

The recovery process involves good days and bad days that come in strange and unpredictable patterns. When the body makes adjustments in its journey to return to a state of balance the aftermath can sometimes be pain and discomfort.

Our research shows that as symptoms improve, people report slightly more pain in the short run. Why is this so? They are paying closer attention to the messages their bodies are sending them.

Ever had an entire day of being virtually symptom free? It is so wonderful when this happens. Then, a bad day comes out of nowhere.

Symptoms smack you in the face. It is challenge to get out of bed. Brushing your teeth is more difficult than yesterday.

On a bad day it is tough to dispute the belief that you are deteriorating. After all, you feel lousy. Those who love you probably hold the same belief that most other people hold. What is this belief? Your ill health today means you are deteriorating.

The path to recovery is not a gentle slope in an upward direction. Our observation from working with clients with Parkinson's reveals that recovery zigzags all over the place.

Recovery is difficult to track for this reason, especially when you happen to be the one who is experiencing the unpleasant symptoms.

The last ditch hope is always for a quick fix. A miracle would be nice. Surely there is a supplement, a drug or some therapy that will cure Parkinsons disease? Isn't a cure just around the corner?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a cure were just around the corner? Waiting for a cure is just a lame excuse for not giving your body what it needs to recover.

The problem in a nutshell is this. If you believe you are getting worse, you will get worse. If you sustain the belief that you are in recovery, you will recover.

The belief in recovery will be absorbed by each and every cell in your body.

Your cells will exude hope.
Hope is infectious.
Hope heals.


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