Personalized follow up will bring you far more word-of-mouth advertising. The best kind of advertising there is.

Personalized follow up pays for itself many times over in repeat business and referrals. In addition, it helps you stand out from your competition.

If the above is true (and it is), why do so many small businesses not follow up with their clients in a more personalized fashion? Two primary reasons:

1) It takes time and most small business owners are so busy, they don't feel they have the time.

2) Most small business owners believe it costs too much for a customized follow-up system.

We've found a company that has solved both of the problems listed above. Imagine sending out a personalized follow up card in less than a couple minutes from your computer. A real card with a real stamp on it.

How is this possible?

With this system, you just log onto the internet, select a card (from over 12000), personalize it with your greeting (and a picture if you want to), send. That's it! You are DONE!!

When you click send, the company prints the card, stuffs it, puts a real stamp on it and mails it for you. You can even have it print your signature in your own handwriting!

That takes care of the "not enough time" issue. In terms of cost, it will cost you less to send a card this way with postage than a card you buy at a grocery store, pharmacy, or Hallmark store without postage. And... those other sources don't allow a customized look for every card the way this process does. Each card you send from here on out can be customized for maximized effect.

The cost? As little as $1.03 a card. And that amount includes postage.

We believe so much in this personalized follow up system (we use it ourselves everyday), we have it set up where we can let you test drive it for free. Send out two cards on us. You have nothing to lose.

Just go to the send out cards page and click on the banner that says "Click to send a free card!." Have your speakers on so you can here the directions (it's very simple to set up).

If you'd like us to tell you more about this process or send you a free DVD with more information, just fill out the form below. Personalized follow-up is now simple, low cost and effective. Now you can grow your business faster with greater word-of-mouth advertising.

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