Normally we do not print a press release, but this one has some unusual facts. It's from Lip-Ink® International.

A press release by Lip-Ink ® International:

There are times when we do research for our website, we find unusual or unique information. Since our website is about tips, information and things to help make your life easier, this item caught our attention. This press release was submitted to us by Lip-Ink International. The fact that their lipstick is made from natural products and is certified by PETA as animal friendly really peaked our interest. Also, the concept that lipstick could last all day was fascinating. We publish this press release for your benefit.

(Before you decide to purchase any product from any marketing company you should do you own investigation to make sure that the product is one that you will use and enjoy.)

Welcome to lip color so liberating that it allows users to be their own makeup artist by creating their own palate of customized shades. LIP-INK® International’s luminous line of sheer liquid lip colors are guaranteed wax-free and all-natural. The combined color line, consisting of 55 core colors, will create over 250,000 colors through a layering process that is exclusive to the LIP-INK® product line. And with just three vials of LIP-INK® liquid lip color, users can create up to 6,000 customized colors.

LIP-INK® International, home of the original 24/7 liquid lip color, is the world’s first and only patented semi-permanent wax-free cosmetics product line that is guaranteed to be 100% smear-proof. With just three simple application steps, this remarkable line of liquid lip color is guaranteed not to smear-off, kiss off, rub off or drink/eat off - virtually eliminating the need for lipstick touch-ups. For multi-tasking women constantly on the go, LIP-INK® products provide personalized lip colors with astonishing staying power that lasts until removed (with a special ‘Off’ solution), allowing women to feel confident and empowered all day and night.

LIP-INK® products are suited for all ages, skin tones and lifestyles. The liquid lip color works by dramatically enhancing the volume of lips by filling in the inner lips where ordinary lipsticks do not adhere - it can be used to enhance the lip line without bleeding, feathering or rubbing off. This ground-breaking product line is also beneficial for the lips because it speeds up the natural exfoliation process by removing dead skin cells--revealing softer, smoother, younger-looking lips in their natural state.

All LIP-INK® products are made in the U.S.A. using 40 natural herbs and botanicals, including goldenseal, chamomile, rosemary extract, seaweed, calendula extract, beta carotene; Vitamins E, C, B-5 (panthenol); 13 trace minerals; UVA and UVB protection and natural humectants. All ingredients meet U.S. FDA and CTFA cosmetic standards and guidelines, and contain no added preservatives. In addition, the company has been endorsed by PETA for being the first American cosmetic company to create smear-free products that are 100-percent animal friendly.

Backed by multiple patents and industry awards, LIP-INK® PATENTED WAX-FREE™ SEMI-PERMANENT® COSMETICS is leading the revolution of lip color today. Founded by ‘Lip Diva’ Rose Nichols in 1995, LIP-INK® International is the only wax free cosmetics in the world with a product line containing over 550 natural, personally hand crafted products, all made in the USA under the strict guidelines of CTFA and FDA. In addition to liquid lip color, Lip Ink International offers Miracle Brow®, Miracle Brow® Tint, Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Lash Tint, Wax-less Lip Balm‘, Tinted Shine and other accessories. To purchase products or for additional information, visit

End of press release.


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