Free Tips for Public Criminal Records Search

If you’re in charge of hiring new and potential employees, you will often conduct a public criminal records search. On the other hand, some individuals simply wants to track down other persons to collect debts while others want to verify the SSN to identify illegal aliens. Parents want to check their daughter’s dates for safety reasons. You see, there are various reasons why people conduct public criminal records search. All these reasons are acceptable and since criminal records are considered public records, anyone can gain access to it.

Through the internet, you can access as many public criminal records as you like. There are very few free sites for criminal records and if you try to browse online, you will find out that most sites charge a certain fee. Paid sites are much better to use because their databases are huge and updated. Most paid sites charge from $10 to $20 per search and if you’re checking several individuals, it can be quite costly on your part. But for those who have limited means and are just curious to conduct background searches, you can check with your state’s official database for criminal records; that is, if the person you’re trying to check lives within the state. Otherwise, you have to conduct searches in other states as well.

What information can you expect to find from criminal records? In most cases, criminal records don’t provide the SSN or social security number of the individual but you can get other information such as name, birth date, gender, known aliases, height, weight, criminal activities, severity level, and the current status of the case. Paroled individuals are also indicated in the records. There are times when some individuals have the same name and in this case, you need to verify that the record belongs to the person you’re conducting a background check. Don’t assume that the records you’ve found are the right ones unless you’ve verified the identification data.

If you still want to dig in deeper and find out about the SSN, you will need to pay for it. You can request for the SSN in your state’s official website or you can also check out the Division of Motor Vehicles. It’s very easy to obtain the SSN because you already know the full name and birth date of the individual.

For those who want to determine the sex offenders in their area, you can’t find them in the criminal records because it belongs to a different category. In this case, you can check with the sex offenders list in your state.

Conducting background checks is not considered a necessity and if you don’t want to spend anything, you can simply use the free sites for criminal records. Carrying out such task can be done free if you visit the reputable free public criminal records websites. Still, if you can afford the paid sites, you can try them out as well but keep it mind that it will cost you some money especially if you’re checking several criminal records.

Follow the helpful tips on how to obtain public criminal records. Don’t make your searches complicated and expensive. Stick to the basic services and once you find useful data, save it and proceed to your next search. You can even use various websites if you like.

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