We have found a simple program to help your child read better. It's called ClickN' READ Phonics.

Here is an article sent to us by ClickN' READ Phonics. Besides printing their article on our website, we felt it was necessary to try it out. This was easy to do, as there are two sample lessons on their home page. (Why not try it out yourself? We’ll give you a couple links to their homepage.)

One of our editors has a 4 year old granddaughter. They chose to work on lesson 15. It worked out great. On the second time through the lesson, his granddaughter was able to identify words and read them back.

It is working for the granddaughter and for others as well. Here are a couple testimonials for the product.

"One thing that I do to get my son to do the lesson is just turn it on and turn up the volume! Hearing ClickN' READ, he then comes running into the room saying, "Hey! That's my game!" I am writing this because I feel like I owe something back! Thank you for the gift of reading!!!!"

Frank J. Nosal, Educational Technologist, US Dept of Defense Elementary School, GermanyTop: "ClickN' READ Phonics has proven to be a viable online remediation tool which is closely linked to the DoDEA reading and language arts curriculum. The results of the program have been remarkable. The average school gain on the Scholastic SRI test scores was +119 points. Students who significantly used ClickN' READ Phonics on average scored +18 points higher than the average school gain."

That was only two. They show quite a few on their website.

The consumer gets 100 lessons for $59.85. The product is very easy to use.

We recommend you at least try out the sample lessons on the home page. Here’s a link, and there will be one at the end of the article.

Now, on with the article:

When it comes to reading, Is your Child "Falling Though the Cracks" in our School System?

Most schools do an excellent job of teaching children to read. But so many other schools do not. Even in schools that do an overall good job, some students fall through the cracks and don't learn to read before third grade. The result is a child struggling to catch up for years to come.

Reading failure erodes the child's self-confidence, makes reading a puzzling or terrifying experience. Both the short and long-term effects can be devastating. The child now avoids the humiliating experience of trying to read as it gives them repeated evidence of being a failure.

Like many of others, your child may have come out of first grade believing that reading is nothing more than learning the alphabet, looking at pictures and memorizing words. Maybe they think it is a guessing game based on the first letter of the word or the context in which the word occurs. It is proven that youngsters who fail to learn to read on schedule lack self-confidence because they have learned that they are failures. They dislike "reading," and school and often struggle to succeed in life.

We shouldn't be eager to blame the teachers. Often times it is the school districts that purchase unproven, untested, reading programs that the teachers are forced to use. Many of these programs promote guessing and do not have any systematic approach to teaching. Children read from texts and stories that have predictable sentence patterns so the child who learned incorrectly did what the books call for. For example: When they figured out the first part of a sentence "The boys wanted to go swimming so they . . . . ," the children knew that the last two words were "went swimming." And when the children said these words, the teacher told them that they were "good readers," even though they weren't reading, they were guessing.

The real crime behind a child who cannot read is the teaching that leads to this type of tragedy. You can avoid these problems by arming your child with proven reading tools before going to school. Supplementing those skills with a good reading program at home while your child is in their K-3 grade years will prove invaluable. This armor will guarantee that your child will excel, have confidence, like reading and will not associate school with failure or humiliation.

Also, if you plan to home-school your child, this armor will start the schooling on a good note. Your child will succeed and associate schooling with FUN. Just as this success is great for your child, it will give you the confidence that you can teach the most difficult part of home-schooling-- the beginning reading skills. When your child has reading skills, you have a lot of options of what to teach next.

The greatest single predictor of various antisocial behaviors, use of drugs, teen pregnancy, crime, and school failure is failure to learn how to read. In 1998, the National Institute of Health and Human Development recognized not learning to read as not simply an educational problem but as a problem of health and welfare.

Success in learning to read is certainly not a cure-all for life and happiness, but it is imperative for school success. As a rule: no reading, no bright academic future. The flip side of the reading coin is that children who know how to read have many opportunities available to them that non-readers and poor readers do not have.

One truly amazing program that we have found is ClickN' READ Phonics. This Online Beginning Reading Program contains 100 precisely sequenced, research based lessons designed by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson. The result is a beginning reading program that is beyond compare. All other phonics products and programs are simply toys when compared to ClickN' READ Phonics.

The program is designed for children as young as 4 years old and teaches the complete K-3rd grade phonics curriculum taught at USA public schools. Children who are learning to read English for the first time, those who are struggling with reading and children with learning disabilities should use the program. It even helps adults who are learning English as a second language.

ClickN' READ Phonics is the only reading program to simulate live reading tutor instruction. The onscreen instructor speaks to the child exactly like an expert reading teacher would in a classroom setting. Your child learns in an environment where answers are learned and not simply given away by the program. Your child must respond correctly to move forward within a lesson and the program re-teaches until the correct response in learned. This program also provides detailed progress reports which provide an accurate assessment of what the child has learned.

This cutting edge program is designed to be so easy that your child can do it all by themselves. Daily instruction is as simple as the child completing a lesson and the parent reviewing the report. Your child can use it on their own with minimal supervision further building your child's confidence through self achievement. The lessons are taught in colorful interactive space themed classrooms by a lovable Disney-Style animated Dog ClickN' KID, which keeps the element of fun so your kids will love it.

Everything needed is built into the program and it is the only product you will need to learn to read English. The program is used online just like viewing standard web pages. Your child can use it at home, at Grandma's, at the office or while on vacation. There is no software to install and no waiting for shipping. You just complete your purchase and immediately begin using the product.


After using clickN' READS phonics, our editor noticed that his granddaughter was very entertained which meant she would have learned quite a bit more while finding it fun. ClickN' READ is easy for a child to use, the program captivates young minds yet is easy for adults to work with children helping them learn to read.

At Everyday Wisdom, LLC, We believe in ClickN' READ Phonics and are happy to print the article they sent to us. Here is a link to their homepage:

ClickN' READ Phonics has a winner.

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