Marriage a Little Stale? Spice It Up With a Romantic Getaway Costa Rican Style!

Surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway Costa Rican style! For those who are married or even just dating and looking for a nice romantic vacation, Costa Rica has special packages for those who want an intimate getaway for two.

Costa Rican Tours, Inc., offers a romantic stay for 11 days/10 nights and the itinerary consists of mostly remote hiking, rafting, and overnight stays at upscale resorts and hotels with a spa session to relax and pamper you. Packages such as this usually aren't that expensive since one price can cover two people, and these are perfect for the couples who want a romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary or Valentine's Day where it's breaking with tradition of the 'Hallmark Holiday-greeting card' overkill, chocolate, and flowers.

The cheapest time to go on a vacation for two like this is during the summer when the rates are cheaper, since it's more expensive to go in the fall when rates go up.

Some romantic getaway packages can be tailored to include spa sessions for a nominal fee and even some horseback riding on the beach, and strolls along the beach during a sunset or even a sunrise for those who are early birds.

Some hotels and resorts have the all-inclusive option which means you pay one price for all-you-can-eat meals, snacks and drinks. which is actually a great value for couples on set budgets and they can get more for their money. This is good for those who want to have a good vacation for a good price and value. It's important to plan your trip so that you're not going to overspend and going over budget.

Romantic getaways are just the kind of rest and relaxation many couples need to reconnect and bond with each other in a loving and caring way. Many couples find it exhilarating to wake up to smelling fresh air. They enjoy looking out onto the beach while sitting out on the terrace of their hotel room having breakfast or that first cup of coffee in the morning. Looking onto the ocean is a nice feeling first thing in the morning, hearing the sounds of birds chirping and the crashing of the waves, and smelling the scent of fresh ocean air...not waking up to the hustle and bustle of urban city life.

This is a change of pace for couples who spend so much time on a job or some occupation that often leaves them stressed and worn out, and a romantic getaway to someplace tropic can result in an adjustment to one's attitude from all the woes of everyday life. Once you come away from one of these getaways you'll be a normal person who got some rest and relaxation away from the insanity that everyday life brings to people.

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