Rose Gardens...
Their Beauty Is Simply Breathtaking!

"Dedicated to my mother Mary Delzer,she raised me and roses with lots of love."

Rose gardens have unfortunately acquired a bad reputation over the years...rumor has it that roses are difficult to grow and maintain. Well, if you are thinking about trying your hand at rose gardening, don't let this rumor stop you! Growing and maintaining this type of garden can certainly prove to be a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, you'll realize it really isn't all that bad!
Before you start, you will have to choose what type of rose you want to plant...and, no, we're not talking about the color or different types of flowers! We're referring to your choice between pre-packaged, bare-root, and container-grown roses. The pre-packaged variety will have bare roots and are usually found in bags or boxes and will have something like sawdust to retain moisture in the roots. Bare-root roses can be purchased in the winter and/or early spring, and should be planted as soon as the ground is warm and the danger of frost is no longer a threat. Container-grown roses are, of course, grown and sold in a container. These types of roses are usually found budding already or even in bloom when they become available in early spring.

Planting in a rose garden is not that much different than any other type of plant. Follow these tips:

  • As always, the most important factor is having a good, healthy soil to do your planting as well as having and a prime location for your garden.
  • It doesn't matter what type of roses you plant, whether they are container grown or bare root, the methods for planting are the same as for any other type of shrub. Be sure the location you have picked out gets plenty of sunlight, has enough space to avoid overcrowdness, and also has good drainage.
  • Before you plant, remove any dead or dying leaves and cut off any decayed or thin shoots..It is recommended that you trim the very long roots or any that may be damaged.
  • If you choose the bare-root roses, it is recommended that you soak them in water for a good 12 hours before planting. This will help restore moisture to the roots.
  • It's also advantageous to water the soil in your garden before you do any planting.
  • Make sure the holes you dig are large enough for growth of the roots.
  • It is wise to use mulch or compost in the bed, because roses like all the extra nutrients they can get, just like any other plant!

Roses need the same things as other plants; they are just a bit needier. Probably the most important thing you need to remember about rose gardening is that these plants are heavy feeders and several applications of a good fertilizer will be required. Fertilizing should be started in early spring and discontinued in early fall. Make sure not to over-fertilize though (fertilizer should come with instructions), and water after each feeding. Roses love, love, love water so it is recommended that you give them a thorough watering at least twice a week.

Pruning is an essential part to flower gardening. Doing this will increase the number of blooms and will encourage healthy plant growth. There are many different varieties of roses and you'll find that they also have different instructions for pruning, so it is important that read up on the different rose varieties and see what is suggested for the specific type you choose.

In summary, the main thing to remember in rose gardening is to water, water, and water some more! Also, remember to use fertilizer to provide the proper nutrition for your plants and be sure to prune, as well, to keep your roses under control and healthy.

There's no doubt that rose gardening will require quite a bit of time and work, but they are one of the most unique, beautiful, and most fragrant plants you could have in your garden! We truly believe that you'll find roses are certainly worth all the extra effort and will be something you'll be proud of and enjoy.

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