Can You Be a For Sale By Owner Seller?

Can You Be a for Sale By Owner Seller?

Many people like the idea of not paying a commission. The thought of giving up 6% of the asking price can the deciding factor if you choose to you use a Real Estate agent or not.. It may be what motivates most people into trying to sell their own home. There is more involved into selling your own home than just putting an ad in the paper.

When you decide to be a for sale by owner seller, you will need to do some advertising and marketing for your property and show it to potential buyers. There will be paperwork to deal with and handling the closing. This could be a huge undertaking for some and a great challenge for others. Which on are you? So let`s look at some characteristics needed to sell your home.

Are you naturally sociable? Most people find it very easy to talk to people. There is no apparent pressure other than the pressure of your own making, but if you can talk to buyers, then you can do this. You just need to be yourself, act natural. You will be talking to them about something you know quite a bit about - your home. Before you know it you will have a sale. Of course if you are the type who is not comfortable around strangers and do not think to much about social contact, this might not be something you can do.

Do you enjoy doing paperwork? A lot of people don`t care for it much doing paperwork, but they can do it when it is absolutely necessary. A lot of the paperwork is very technical, if need be you might consider hire someone to handle the paperwork for you. Much of the paperwork is secretarial so you will need to know the order in which things must be done. You can easily find assistance with any aspect of the sale you have trouble with.

Can you arrange you schedule to handle the demands on your time? You will need to be available to show the house. This cannot be accomplished by showing a couple of weekends and a couple of nights. You will want to have a flexible schedule so you or someone in your family can show the house.

Will it bother you to show a house to a stranger alone? Many people are afraid to allow strangers into their home when they are alone. If this is you, you might want to find a friend or relative to show the house with you. If you are fearful of entering into a contract with a stranger, it is recommended you have an escrow agent, a real estate attorney or even a real estate agent to host the closing proceedings.

If you have a problem with all of these responsibilities, you may want to go with a real estate agent and pay the commission. It is possible for most people can successfully sell their homes on their own, but being a for sale by owner seller is a complex procedure. You might want to wait until you have gone through at least one sale handled by agents before you have tried it on your own. You will have an idea of what is entailed in the selling of a home.


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