Sit Stay Fetch Dog Obedience Training Review

Sit stay fetch dog obedience training review

by Adrian Fletcher

Most people understand that dogs are a pack animal that likes to live in a group. The dog instinctively understands the advantages of being in a pack and has social instincts that it can express within a group. In this context, a new dog or puppy that comes into your home is joining your pack and sees you or the head of the family as the pack leader. The dog looks to the pack leader for guidance and how to behave. It accepts that this is the pack leaders job and that the rules that are laid out are to be followed or it will be disciplined by the leader. This is what obedience training is all about. It is a way of teaching your dog the rules of the pack and the way to behave in the wider community. And your dog wants to learn these skills that you have to teach.

So what do you need to teach to your dog ? Many people approach obedience training in an unfocused way because they don't know enough about it or how to do it. However it is important for your dog and your relationship with it that you set down some rules. Here are the key points that you need to teach your dog.

It must be able to socialize with humans, dogs and other animals (principally your family and other pets like cats) in it's home and outside of the home.

It must trust people and be happy to be touched by humans.

It should be able to control any aggression.

It should accept restraint. This includes knowing how to walk in public on a lead without getting flustered or distracted by things around it.

It should react to your calls like coming when you call for it.

It should go to the toilet in a specific place set by the pack leader.

It should be comfortable being alone from time to time.

If it can learn these skills then your pet will fit into the human world comfortably and will be a popular part of your own family.

The sit stay fetch training course will give you the techniques and skills to teach your dog how to do all these things and more besides. It concentrates on the key skill, as mentioned above but it also has section which teach more advanced obedience training commands.

The centerpiece of the course is the sit stay fetch course book. This is a content packed e-book that aims to teach you the psychology of dealing with a dog " how to understand what the dog is thinking. This is important because although you need some techniques to teach the dog obedience you also need a reference point to put the training in context. It also covers many dog behavioral traits - some good and some bad. It explains why a dog acts like this and how to teach them to stop the bad behaviors.

The final part of the course is teaching specific commands. This is done well for an e-book. It features a photograph of a dog and it's owner at each stage of the command. With each picture is an explanation of what to do and how to do it. By following the pictures and reading the accompanying text you can learn how to train your dog. All the necessary commands are covered and a few more advanced commands are featured. It is a very simple but effective teaching method and after a going through the command a few times you will have it memorized. There are a number of other books that come with the sit stay fetch package. They deal with dog health and care issues like how to groom your dog. There is also a book on how to be a pack leader which gives you an insight into how a dog thinks.

The sit stay fetch course book is also on audio files that you can load into your ipod or convert to cd. You can listen to them wherever you want. They are really useful when teaching your dog a particular command becuase you can listen to them as you teach your pet.

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