Here are more tips when reading with your child.

Why still more tips when reading with your child? It's because no one can doubt the importance of learning to read. After all, this is the information age. To participate in today‘s society, reading is required, it is mandatory.

But so many children have trouble reading. How bad is it? The National Institutes of Health estimates that one in five children have great difficulty learning to read. Wow, one in five.

What happens if a child can’t grasp what on the printed page or computer monitor? In our society, they will most likely find school and life difficult and laborious. In other words, they will most likely lead troubled lives.

Not knowing how to read well is just too serious a handicap. And it’s so unnecessary. What’s a parent to do? Read this article! We have many tips when reading with your child for you to use.

The intent and purpose of these tips is to help your child enjoy the experience. If you will actually do this, it will help your child flourish as he or she goes through life.

Let’s get to work. Here are tips to use when reading with your child:

  • You might wonder, of all we offer in regard to tips when reading with your child, which is number one? That's easy. It's to make reading fun. Fail this and the child will always find reading difficult. But if you make reading fun, the child will develop a positive approach to reading and learning. That is so important.
  • At an early age, it will help if the child sees that you read for pleasure yourself.
  • It’s important for you and the child to be really comfortable.
  • When they are very young, a good start is for you to read aloud to them.
  • Find books that are at their reading level on topics they are already interested in.
  • Make a point to create a special place for your child’s books.
  • Make one of the presents you give at birthdays and holidays one or more books.
  • Why not invite your child to read with you every day. If it becomes a habit, it will be one of the most important habit’s the child ever acquires.
  • When you see your child has one or more favorite stories, read them again and again. It is through repetition they will recognize and remember the words better.
  • If after a few seconds you see your child struggling with a word, assist them. You don’t want reading to be hard for them.
  • If you are reading to your child and they indicate they would like to read, by all means let them.
  • Praise them when they read.
  • It doesn’t have to be just books. Let them read with you as you read a magazine or newspaper.
  • If the child is in school, talk to the teacher to get a good idea how your child is doing with their reading skills.
  • When your child is reading, patience is a virtue.
  • Keep some books in the car.
  • As a child reads, notice what they are interested in. Perhaps find another book that is on that topic.

We hope you will put to use all or at least some of these tips when reading with your child. It can make a real difference in their life.

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