The Different Types Of Air Conditioning

Nowadays you get so many different types of air conditioning units it can be difficult to know where to start. This is especially the case if you don't know anything about air conditioning, how it works or what type of unit is going to be the most suitable for your home, office or building.

VRF is one of many different types of air conditioning that you can get. This stands for variable refrigerant flow and consists of several different air handling units which are connected to a single external condensing unit.

This allows the refrigerant flow to be varied by using either an inverter controlled variable speed compressor or multiple compressors of varying capacity. These work by responding to changes in the cooling or heating requirements within the

air conditioned space. VRF air conditioning systems are popular with many people because it is possible to mix a range of different models depending on the building type.

For example, it would be possible to have a combination of wall and ceiling mounted units which means that an even distribution of air throughout the building can be achieved.

Split system air conditioning consists of two parts. The first is a main evaporator unit which is inside the building and the second is an external condenser box which can either be hung on an outside wall by brackets or can stay on the ground or a flat roof.

One of the many reasons why a lot of people opt for split air conditioning systems is because the condenser is installed outside the building. This means that from inside the operation of the unit is very quiet so there are no annoying or distracting sounds coming from it.

Portable types of air conditioning units have always been a popular option for many for the obvious reason that they can be easily moved around. They are ideally suited to smaller environments such as a small room or office as it would take forever to cool down a very large room. One of the biggest advantages of portable units is the fact that they can be taken with you if you are moving home or offices. This means that you won't have paid a fortune for an air conditioning system that you have to leave behind.

With so many different types of air conditioning units available every home or business will be able to find what they need. With some research or help from the company that you are using you will also be able to find the system that is the most beneficial to yourself.


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