Water Damage and Restoration

When water damage occurs it’s a multiple problem. There are damages caused by mold, sewage backup, and debris.

If by flooding then sewage backup is common. Sewer backup is very unhealthy and the mess needs to be taken care of before it causes health issues to your family. Starting the drying process quickly is a most to help stop structural damage that could increase your costs.

When water damage happens to your home or business you’ll need some of these services: water extraction, sewage extraction, wall and debris removal, mold remediation, carpet and floor drying, structure restoration, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning.

When anyone inhales mold spores, mold cells or mold waste products the effects are harmful and subject to causing allergic reactions, toxic effects or infections. One of the worst molds is stachybotrys, which has been called the “killer mold.” The spores are released when cleaning and bleach won’t kill it. It grows in cardboard, wall board, paper, and wall framing. After it has dried the spores become airborne and move around your home or office. This why you need experts to cleanup so no one in your family becomes ill because of this poisonous mold.

When a nor’easter storm hits Newark federal aid is available and trained volunteers can help you with cleanup and other assistance. Agencies such as Catholic Charities, Southern Baptist Convention, Mennonite Disaster Services, Tzu Foundation, the Christian Reform World Relief, the Salvation Army, and United Way offer service for all though the elderly and disabled have first priority.

Cleanup after a flood in Newark or elsewhere requires hundreds of workers. Buildings have to be renovated, torn down, and hauled way. OSHA states that all of this cleanup and demolition sometimes releases asbestos that is airborne asbestos. This dangerous mineral fiber can case lung disease and cancer they state, therefore they have guidelines for workers during cleanup from asbestos during restoration after flooding.

OSHA also alerts workers that cleanup after flooding to the fact that rotting vegetation causes airborne fungi if airborne dust particles are inhaled then the fungal matter is taken into the lungs. They state specifically that inhaling is the way to exposure that is most critical to cleanup workers after flooding.

After the overflow of the bay in Newark, New Jersey much damage was sustained and all cleanup precautions were vital to insure the health of all workers. Whether the damage is to a business, public building or home total renovation and repair is needed so life can go on without further problems such as illness as a result of a flood. We would like to thank Leo Nov for this article on water damage.


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