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How To Make Money With A Website Based On What You Know And Love!

Are you contemplating creating your own website? Wouldn't it be great if you could take something you already know, or love, or in the best of all possible worlds - something you both know and love - and turn it into income? Of course it would. For most people that would be a dream come true. Well, here's the good news...creating and monetizing a website really is possible. In fact, further on in this article, we will show you proof, and in addition, give you links to bios of average people doing exactly that.

I know, I know, many people have asked the question, "How can I make money online?" Perhaps you have asked that question yourself. If not, there's a good chance you have at least heard other people talk about this desire...people from all walks of life including blue collar workers, housewives, executives, etc. Just about everyone wants to know how to earn more money for their families or themselves, and especially if they can do it online from the comfort of their own home.

Yes, there are ways, even for an average person, to make serious money online. When you stop and think about it, it just makes sense. The Internet is buzzing with millions of surfers at any point of time. Some surfers seek information, some desire entertainment, while others shop around. You can make money by tapping into these hordes of Internet surfers in the following ways: (i) by hosting a website and having them click on the advertisements featured there, and/or (ii) by selling an affiliate merchant's product on your website. How you ask? Let's take a look.

A website based on what you know and love:

Stop and think for a moment about what you like to do. Both in terms of work or leisure. Whatever it is, you probably have a pretty unique way of looking at what you do.

In addition, you have a specific amount of knowledge that is of value to other people who have a similar interest. We call it your knowledge of the inner workings of a hobby, craft, or career.

Unless you've been spending all your time in front of a television, you have had experiences others will want to know about. And even if you have been doing nothing more in life than sitting in front of a television, you can create a website reviewing television shows from your point of view.

Or consider this; perhaps you've done research on something you love. Your research can then save others a lot of time. How? You save them time because by you doing the research, they don't have to. They can buy the information you've uncovered. And if done right and priced right, you've got a foundation for extra income. And maybe, just maybe, a lot of extra income over time. Others have done it, why not you?

This is the information age and everyone knows something about some topic. And the main purpose of the internet is to provide information. If necessary, you can just do more research on what you already know and love. You grow your stock of information and then create a website to allow others to learn from what you know. And maybe, you even write an ebook others can download. There's more. You can even allow Google to place ads on your website and get extra income paid by Google to you as people come to your site and click on the ads Google has put there. (There are also other ways to monetize a website. What I just mentioned are just two of many ways.)

So the key is creating your own website. It's not as hard as you might think with the right tools. So let's go a little more into how creating your own site can bring you extra income and maybe, just maybe, a very good living.

Planning your website:

The first lesson many failed entrepreneurs have learned is that they cannot just host any form of website and make money from it - your site must be based on an activity that interests you. Let's take an example: Assume that you are a wizard at mathematics (or, any other subject) and your interest in mathematics was because of a certain book that inspired you and egged you on. There's no doubt that you would have felt that this book was the ultimate, and if you were given the chance to market it you would do a fantastic job.

Well, the Internet has made this you can easily host a website, take an affiliation from the publisher, and begin selling an e-version of this book (if it is available) by sharing your positive experiences gained from the book with others. In the bargain you will make money from an activity you are fond of, and a section of the society will be benefited from your business. The book on mathematics was just one example; there are thousands of products to choose from.

The point here is that your site's content must always stem from your areas of interest. Let's take another example of a content-based site that sells nothing. If you are an armchair movie critic, you can set up a content-based movie review website. If your reviews are good, the crowd will pour in, read the reviews and click on the advertisements hosted on your site, and that will make the money for you.

Once upon a time, making money based on a hobby or pastime was just not possible. But the Internet has changed all that. So, go ahead and conceptualize a website that will interest you in the long run.

Whether your site is content-based or is engaged in selling a product or a service, you must always keep room for advertising space on the top and on the left or right side. You must now be wondering about how to get advertisers! Perish the thought; Google, Yahoo and other search engines and niche sites will only be too glad to place advertisements on your site and even pay you based on your performance, once you sign up as their affiliate!

Now let's assume you have conceptualized the website and let's move to stage two: Making advertising revenue from a content-based internet site.

Make Your Knowledge Sell

If you are running a content-based site, then you must plan and get your content ready well in advance. Having plugged in a few pages, you must then sign up as an affiliate. If you have signed up with an affiliate merchant and are selling his products/services, then you must first publish the sales page before signing up as Google's or any other search engine's affiliate.

When you apply, Google, or any other search engine, will review your site. Once approved, they will email you their advertisement code that you have to place in the space you have earmarked for advertisements. The advertisements placed on your site will be relevant to your content. The following search engine advertising schemes are in vogue currently: (1) pay per click. This is when a visitor to your site clicks on an advertisement and a certain sum (in cents) is credited to your account; and (2) pay per impression. This is when the search engine pays you a lump sum amount calculated on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. So, if the CPM rate is $4, then you are paid that amount for every 1,000 valid advertising impressions (or, displays) of the advertisement/s.

Making advertising and sales revenue from a site that even sells services or products.

Yes you can sell products/services from your website without actually producing/ providing them! All you have to do is to sign up as an affiliate of a merchant and plug his website code on your home page. It is very easy to find an affiliate merchant and all you have to do is look up the key phrase "affiliate programs" on your favorite search engine. The search engine results pages will throw open many directories where many affiliate merchants are registered who are actively seeking affiliate publishers like you.

When you are okayed by an affiliate merchant, you will place his tracking code on your site; once his page is displayed you must then sign up as an affiliate of the search engines and place their code too in the advertising space. This way you will have a two-pronged income--one from the sales and one from the advertising revenue.

Remember one thing: You will be paid by the affiliate merchant on a per-sale or per-lead basis in the form of a commission when you sell his product, or a small amount when you manage to get your visitors to subscribe to his products.

Finally, you must choose an affiliate program based on your interests or hobbies. Remember what we advised you in the beginning? That way your interest in the site will grow and you will put in that extra effort required that will turn your site into a money-spinning venture. Good luck!

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