Applying the principles from these wise health quotes can make a difference in the quality of your life.

Too many people take their health for granted. If you apply these wise health quotes to your life, you will be setting yourself apart from the millions headed the wrong way.

Let's begin:

Adelle Davis

"As I see it every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself."

Ask yourself what you're doing daily to improve your health. If the answer is not much, isn't it time to start?

Benjamin Franklin

"You may delay, but time will not."

It's so important that you not kid yourself here. Everyone is given just so much time on this planet to make the most with what they have. Use your time wisely.

Oprey Winfrey

"Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way."

So many people are over weight. Are you one? Isn't it time to be a friend to yourself and lose the weight? Maybe one of our tips on weight loss will help steer you in the right direction. To take a look, click here.


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