Woodworking Jigs Use Them To Help Make Your Projects Easier.

All There is to Know About Woodworking Jigs

by Vince Paxton

Jigs are essential for woodworking especially for repetitive pieces. When involved in complex projects jigs can make the work a little faster. http://www.insidewoodworking.com/jigs/index.html Jigs can be purchased or made. They are typically very inexpensive however; to save even more money it is a good idea to make your own from scrap wood. A wide variety of jigs is necessary when involved in many different types of projects.

There are a few different types of jigs. Dovetails are used for making a dovetail joint correctly and accurately. These can be purchased or made from a template. The templates can be found in most stores as well as on the internet. The typical template will allow for twelve different sizes. For this, a router and a saw for dovetails are essential. Dovetail jigs can be used for cabinets, drawers, and boxes. Often bits and templates will come together for a project. This can also save money rather than buying these components separately. The dovetail saw is used to cut dovetails as well as fine joints. The thinner blade on the saw will allow for more accurate cutting.

Then there is a dowel jig. This is used for making dowels. A self centering woodworking jig should be used when thick timber is the wood of choice. The sizes vary from about a quarter of an inch to about half an inch. Again, kits are available with the dowel jig and hundreds of dowels of different sizes. The kits can even include glue.

The kreg jig is essential for cabinet making. This allows for drawers to slide flawlessly. They also save time because the drawer slides do not need to be measured and marked. Therefore, the metal drawer slides become easier to install. Although expensive, the equipment is essential for the making of drawers because it makes the process quicker and flawless. The tool can be used for center, bottom, or extension drawers.

When making your own jigs it is best to use inexpensive wood and materials because they are often not used for more than one project. Expensive wood would be a costly waste. Plywood is often used. However, if the jigs are going to be used for several projects, then it is best to make them from a harder and stronger wood. Instructions for jig making can be located in books, online, and even in magazines. The instructions found on the internet can be printed and then used with ease. It is good practice to keep all of these instructions in a binder or case so they can be used for reference material later on. A hint for this is to use plastic page covers to ensure the instructions are not damaged over time.

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