Avoid Being Lonely
To Improve Your Health

Avoid being lonely to live healthy! Loneliness is the distressing feeling of isolation leading to a desire for company. Fear of being alone is the foremost cause of anxiety as we grow old. Loneliness is very common and is a major concern amongst our elderly but it may surprise you to know young adults (ages 20-29) reported feeling distressed and in more pain from feelings of loneliness than any other age group. This just goes to show that being lonely plagues people of all ages and is very painful and disturbing to us all.

Researches have reported that loneliness even leads to depression, anxiety, and anger, and increases the vulnerability to physical health problems as well. Some studies even show that people who feel lonely or isolated may have a harder time in getting a good night's sleep. It is found that those who are lonely work more regularly during the night than those who are socially fulfilled. It has also been proven in scientific studies that loneliness speeds up the aging process.

Though loneliness is not the only cause for depression, loneliness increases the risks of depression and other mental and physical problems. It is well known that depression adversely affects physical as well as general health of a person. Depression leads to poor sleep, hormonal changes, tension, anxiety, feelings of extreme sadness or guiltiness, poor concentration, loss of appetite or overeating, energy loss, chronic fatigue, and suicidal thoughts.

Loneliness may lead to lack of social and mental exercises, in turn leading to negative influence over health and longevity. For years and years, social isolation has been known to impact our health in many ways and is comparable to the ill effects of high blood pressure, lack of exercise, obesity and smoking. In fact, a person's progress and growth is affected by loneliness. A lonely person could be bored or frustrated due to lack of things to do or people to talk to. Though loneliness is not harmful, it is marked by deep feelings of isolation. Loneliness and lack of contact with friends and family is a greater worry that may even serve as a cause for declining health or finances. Loneliness may result in sleep disturbances and high blood pressure, thus increasing the risk for heart disease. The adverse effects to your health that loneliness can cause include elevated blood pressure, a weak and vulnerable immune system, and an increase in stress hormones. Chronically feeling lonely can also force a multitude of physiological events that can hasten the aging process.

With all the above adverse effects of loneliness, it is always best to surround yourself with other people whenever possible to avoid being lonely. This may require that you develop new relationships and is an especially good idea for older people, especially our seniors, to form social groups to help prevent and treat loneliness and other related problems. You can participate in a variety of activities and entertainment. This way you can avoid being lonely and prevent the negative effects of loneliness, thus leading to a healthy and long life. A healthy mix of enjoyable company and productive time alone can help any person to grow with a sense of balance and self-control. Social interaction is one of the best ways to improve your mood, your sense of well-being, and your general health.

If you are unable to avoid being lonely, you may at least need some sort of relaxation to find a lifestyle that pay no heed to the feeling of isolation while upholding the other important dimensions of your life. Self-realization and self-awareness make loneliness impossible. If you think loneliness may be the cause of your weariness, share your feelings with your friend, family, or a counselor.


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