All About The Black Siberian Husky

So many people bring a Black Siberian Husky into their homes not really knowing what they are all about or what they can expect. They are a compact breed with a thick coat and considered a working dog that is capable of withstanding freezing temperatures down to an amazingly impressive sixty degrees below zero. Even though Black Siberian Husky's are mostly black, it is not uncommon for them to have white markings on their face, although the blue eyes are something that attracts most people to the Husky, not all of the dogs have the same blue eyes. There are many different Husky's that have amber, brown, or even a mix of two different colors, for example one eye could be blue while the other one is brown. There is no mistake, as this breed is one that will need proper attention as the thick and warm undercoat and their softer outer coat, makes for brushing to be a must.

Now beyond looks, there are more reasons why people want to bring a puppy home with them, such as knowing that this dog is excellent with small children and the elderly. But, it is their love for people that make them terrible watchdogs because of the fact that they never want to bark.

The Black Siberian Husky is known for its patience and the love that they share with everyone around them, even very small children, as they just love everyone. The temperament that is displayed by this breed is often a friendly one and the dogs are so friendly that they cannot serve as proper guard dogs as they will hardly ever bark at even strangers. Being an independent dog, it only seems natural that the Husky believes he or she runs the show.

Some other important facts to know about the Black Siberian Husky before bringing one into your home is to know what to expect in terms of how big they will grow to be and what health problems, if any, you can expect to have with them.

The male dogs can be expected to become between forty-five and sixty pounds while the female is more in the range of thirty five to fifty pounds in weight. While this breed is generally free of a lot of health problems, they can end up with hip dysplasia and some minor eye problems.

Also, it is important to understand that these are energetic animals that must have room to run. As it may be advisable that they do not end up in small and cramped apartments, if this does become the case, it is a vitally important that they are given plenty of exercise in a park or somewhere they can run.

If you have no choice but to live within an apartment, it is vital to make sure that the dog is taken out for walks and runs whether it is down the street or to the dog park.

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