Boating Safety Tips...Be Safe, Have Fun And Enjoy The Water.

Boating Safety Tips

In order to enjoy your time on the water you need to follow boating safety tips. By being safe on the water you can ensure a fun time on the water with no mistakes. So use the following tips to help you stay safe on the water this summer.

The first and most important tip is to make sure you know how to swim. Anyone undergoing boating activities should be able to swim. This is essential to the safety of boaters on the water.

Second make sure you aren't impaired in any way while operating your boat. Alcohol is the worst and shouldn't be used when operating a boat. Alcohol will impair your judgment, balance and coordination. Nearly fifty percent of all boating accidents result from the use of alcohol.

Third make sure you and all your passengers are wearing proper life jackets. A life jacket is the best solution to helping survive any boating accident that can occur. But life jackets are only important if they are easily available in the event of an emergency and if they are the proper type for the individual using them.

Fourth you should have a float plan available. Make sure you have a responsible individual who will know where you are going and how long you will be gone. This way if you become delayed due to an emergency or get lost then there is someone who can help find your boat easier.

Fifth, fires are not a major problem with boats. However, they can happen and in order to reduce the damage you need to act fast to put out the fire. This is why you want to have a fully charged fire extinguisher available at all times. Also follow the
necessary precautions to avoid scenarios or situations that can cause a fire hazard. This means maintaining bilges, making sure cables are properly connected, using covered trashcans for oily rags and storing fuel in a secured area.

Sixth, while on the lake and before you leave make sure you keep an eye on the weather. This means knowing the current weather forecast and keeping an ear on the marine VHF radio for any updates from the National Weather Service, which can affect the safety of your boating. You should also know the limitations of your vessel so you can avoid any potentially dangerous situations. It is very important that you heed both wind and wave warnings since these can cause major problems.

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