Causes of Toothaches and
How to Prevent Them

Unless you've never suffered the pain of a toothache, you may be wondering what the causes of toothaches are. When it comes to toothaches, there are many different things that can cause the pain you experience. A toothache can begin at any given time, even when you are least expecting it.

One of the main causes is, of course, decay! Yet another cause of toothaches could be a cracked tooth. These, however, are sometimes difficult to diagnose because they don't always show up on x-rays and often times are not visible to the naked eye. A cracked tooth can be described as "feeling like your tooth is about to explode".

This is because the crack exposes the dentin and nerves to the air and whatever else you put ingest. If you don't get the crack fixed, it will not only get worse but it could possibly even cause it to break off at the gums. The Causes of Toothaches

If you've ever had one, you are well aware that the pain can become unbearable, such that you'll try almost anything to get the pain to stop. Fractured teeth and cavities are common causes of toothaches as well.

Pulp irritation is another cause of toothaches, which occurs after dental treatment. It does not matter how good a job your dentist did filling that cavity or putting on that crown, the materials that were used to fix the tooth can actually end up causing you pain later on down the road. There really is nothing you can do, as crowns can sometimes come off or the filling can sometimes come out. If this happens, all you can really do is go back to the dentist to get the problem fixed.

If you may have an exposed root or nerve, which are common causes of toothaches. This typically occurs with rough brushing, causing the gums to recede, which, in turn, exposes the root. When a root becomes exposed, air alone or any liquids you drink will most likely trigger a toothache. The best way to keep this from happening is to use care when brushing, never brushing so hard you tear your gums up in the process...this does not get your teeth any cleaner!

If you use tobacco products, you have probably noticed that you experience toothaches on a rather frequent basis and might be wondering why. Chewing tobacco commonly contributes to the cause of toothaches because these products eat away at your teeth until there is practically nothing left. It doesn't take long for it to happen either, especially if you have been chewing for a long time. Smoking cigarettes is another culprit and is a cause of toothaches. Again the tobacco eats away at your teeth, and the smoke is harmful to your mouth as well as your teeth.

Prevention is Key

As you can see, there are many different causes of toothaches, however, there are things you can do to stop the pain and prevent toothaches from occurring in the first place. For starters, always brush your teeth on a daily basis, preferably after each meal. See your dentist for regular checkups. If you should get a toothache, always see your dentist as soon as possible to have it taken care of before it gets worse. Your dentist may be able to catch any severe problems early enough to save a tooth - which will prevent you from having to get it pulled, saving you a lot of money and pain in the long run.


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