Having a Toothache Can Be a Real Pain! Here Are Some Natural Remedies to Give You Some Relief!

Looking for a way to relieve that untimely and inconvenient toothache? In today's world of modern medicine, most of us are not aware that natural herbs may be used to treat toothache pain. To help relieve this type of pain, you can use herbs such as calendula, tarragon, cloves and yarrow until you can get to the dentist. Over the ages before modern medicine people counted on herbs to help get pain relief from an aching tooth. American Indians used the bark from the white walnut tree; they would scrape the bark and apply the pulp to their gums to get relief from toothaches. The white walnut, also know as butternut tree, is a native tree found in North America, and is also the cousin of the black walnut tree. The white walnut trees grow in well-drained soil and are found along rivers, in woods, and even in back yards. The white walnut tree can reach heights of up to more than 50 feet. The white walnut tree has a light grey color, and the foliage and the nuts closely resemble the black walnut. The bark of the tree can be applied to the gums, helping to alleviate toothache pain.

Yarrow is another herb, it is found in Asia, Europe, and North America. It grows in fields, open woodlands and meadows. The root is what contains the numbing effect. Apply the fresh root of yarrow directly to your teeth or gums to help eliminate the pain.

Clove is considered an evergreen tree; it is native to tropical areas. Today it can be found throughout the world. The clove flower buds are dried and is used for medicinal purposes. Using clove oil on the gums will help to eliminate the pain almost instantly. Cloves are by far the best natural herb for toothache remedies that are available today.

For a number of years, natural herbs have been used to stop toothache pain. Many years ago, herbs were the only way people could stop the pain. Teeth were pulled in the early years of dentistry using alcohol to numb the pain and pliers to remove the tooth.

Throughout the course of time, herbs have proven to be very effective for stopping toothache pain. Check with your dentist to see if they would recommend the use of herbs for pain relief. The next time you experience the pain of a toothache, remember that herbs are a great way to relieve the pain!

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