Incredible Edible Eggs!
Tips We Hope Will Come In Handy.

We have put together some tips about eggs that we thought were interesting and hope you can find useful! Some of these tips you may have heard before but some may come as a total surprise.

1. Trying to remember if you’ve already boiled the ones inside the carton? Try spinning them on the countertop. If they spin they are hard-boiled. If they don't spin but wobble instead, they are not boiled.

2. Hard-boiled eggs will peel easier when cracked and immersed in cold water immediately after draining them from the hot water.

3. For a soft, fluffy omelet: Beat the egg and stir briskly with a fork; this allows for more air in the omelet, making it light and fluffy. (Editor's tip: Add just a pinch of baking soda for an even softer omelet!). Melt butter in a non-stick pan & then fry until done, flipping once. Additional note: For an even fluffier and larger omelet, add one tablespoon of water to the egg before beating.

4. If boiling eggs, add a teaspoonful of vinegar into the water. This helps prevent their contents from seeping out if they crack during the boiling process.

5. Add just a pinch of salt while beating egg whites to help them froth up quicker.

6. Store eggs in their own carton on the refrigerator shelf. Storing them in the little egg holders designed in the refrigerator door is not recommended.

7. To see whether or not an egg is fresh, gently place it in a pan of cool, salty water. If it rises to the top, it's definitely time to throw it away. You're good to go if it sinks to the bottom!

8. When cutting through your hard-boiled eggs, try running your knife under cold water for a few seconds to prevent the yolk from breaking apart and to cut more smoothly.

9. If storing the yolks, pour a tablespoon of water over them; this helps keep them moist.

10. Poached: Put a few drops of white vinegar in the water; this helps to hold their shape.

11. An easy way to poach your eggs: Fill a small sauce pan almost to the top with water. Add a little salt and a little olive oil. Bring to a full boil. Using a spoon, stir and develop a funnel as deep as possible. Break the shell and let egg drop into swirling funnel. When it stops spinning, lift the egg out with a slotted spoon. Makes a perfect poached egg and cleans up easier.

12. For ease in peeling boiled eggs: Try poking each one with a small sewing needle before boiling them and they will peel with ease! Another alternative is to add a pinch of salt to the water before boiling.

13. Egg shells are permeable, i.e., odors and flavors pass through them, so wash them in water to avoid other flavors.

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