Garden Pests Can Be So Frustrating! Try Our Tips for a Pest-Free Garden.

Are garden pests driving you crazy? From one gardener to another, I'm sure you'll agree that this is one of the most frustrating things about gardening.

Have you ever gone for a walk around your garden to make sure it is thriving and ended up spotting holes in the very plants that looked fine just hours before? What's with that? One explanation for these plant-destroying holes is garden pests.

Some of these annoying pests in gardens could include worms, slugs, snails, caterpillars, birds, and even gophers on occasion. You can't ever rid your garden entirely of these pests, but after all the hard work you've put into your garden, you should certainly try!

Insects can be detrimental to your garden! They live under the soil, in dead piles of leaves, in weeds, and in a number of other places. In order to help keep insects away, always try and eliminate places in-and-around your garden where insects and plant diseases usually live.

You can do this by removing dead leaves, weeds, and other decaying matter. Also, turn over your garden soil regularly and break-up clumps of dirt; this will help eliminate the living spaces of any insects that might be hiding underneath the soil.

Another way to get rid of garden pests is to use dormant spray, which helps to control diseases and destructive insects. It is best to use a dormant spray when your plants are dormant, usually in February or early March. Using a dormant spray works wonders on keeping garden pests out, but these sprays are only effective when the instructions are followed correctly.

Don't assume that spraying it everywhere will kill only what's harmful, as you will soon find your entire garden is ruined along with possibly even your neighbors! Some insects are very beneficial to your garden, so be sure to investigate which ones can be helpful for your garden to grow.

Another problem for gardens is birds. Chasing them away is not a good way to get rid of them! A better solution would be to put up a bird feeder. This is not only practical but it adds to your decorative touch, and watching them come and go can be fun and relaxing! This might not solve the problem completely, but it will certainly make the birds in your garden a much smaller problem to deal with. Some people even resort to getting a dog to help out with this one!

If you begin noticing mounds of dirt in your yard and your plants keep dying for no apparent reason, you could very well have a problem with gophers. This is one of the least likely garden pests you'll encounter. Gophers are rodents that are 5-14" in length. Their fur is black, white, or light brown, and they have small tails.

One way to eliminate gophers in your garden is to set traps. You'll need to do something because these creatures eat the roots of your plants. To be successful in trapping them, you'll have to find their tunnels and set the traps correctly. Another method you may want to try is to use smoke bombs. You do this by placing one into a tunnel and then the smoke spreads throughout the tunnel, hopefully reaching the gopher.

If you suspect that your garden is being destroyed by any of the pests we've mentioned here, we encourage you to jump on the problem right away and try to get rid of them ASAP! The longer you wait the more established the pests will be, thus, the more difficult a problem you'll have in eliminating them from your garden.


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