Homemade Substitutes for Store Bought Drinks

Make homemade substitutes to soft drinks that are good for you. Canned sodas and energy drinks are loaded with mostly sugar. These drinks, as tasty and delicious as they are, are not a very wise choice if you are conscious of your health and what you put into your stomachs as well as your bodies. However, there are lots of other substitutes for canned sodas and the popular energy drinks that are just as tasty, if not more delicious. The best thing about these substitutes is that you can make these at home and control the ingredients that are put into it.

So, just what are these homemade substitute drinks? Well, let us discuss just a couple of them. The only kitchen appliance that you will need is just a blender. The other things that you will need, besides the actual food ingredients, are serving containers.

Delicious and All-Natural Fruit Smoothies

I love fruit smoothies. Making fruit smoothies at home is actually very easy to do. All you need as far as ingredients is concerned is some ice cubes, the fruits of your choice, some organic honey for a natural sweetener, and a cream base of organic yogurt or fresh organic cream whichever that you prefer.

The fruits that I prefer to use are honey dew melons and strawberries for a great strawberry melon fruit smoothie. Actually, instead of organic honey I prefer to use just a little bit of organic brown sugar as a sweetener because brown sugar goes very well to take away the stinging tartness of the tartest strawberries. Sometimes I make a plain fruit smoothie, and at other times I prefer to add some half and half into the mix for a nice creamy fruit smoothie.

To make the smoothie, it is best to freeze your fresh fruits so that they will blend well to form a nice and icy texture to the smoothie. Mix the fruits, sweetener, ice cubes, and cream base into the blender and blend on high until you reach the texture that you desire. The amounts of ingredients can be eyed be the maker as it is not hard to guess the measurements of ingredients for smoothies.

Tasty Milkshakes

Besides great fruit smoothies, you also have the option of making homemade milkshakes with real all-natural ice cream. You can use any flavor of ice cream that you wish! For the milkshakes, you need some ice cream, ice cubes, whole milk, and some vanilla extract.

It is best to put the ice cubes into the blender first as you will need to blend down the cubes to ensure it is blended into the milk shake contents well. Next, put the ice cream into the blender. The vanilla extract is optional, but 2-3 drops of vanilla extract makes for a great and subtle aftertaste. Now, if you want a thick milkshake than you will want to put a small amount of milk. I suggest a half cup of milk to two scoops of ice cream for thick shakes.

And there you have it! Two great ideas for tasty and delightful homemade substitutes drinks.

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