How To Win Customers And Keep Them For Life.

How to win customers should always be of concern to any business, its their lifeblood and future income. We have added this article to help give you some tips to help keep your customers loyal to your business.

This is quite an ambitious article. Here I will try to sum up how to achieve what is the over-riding purpose of all businesses. Nevertheless bear with me. Sometimes it's good to get back down to basics!

I would say the best way how to win customers initially, and to keep them afterwards, is to offer them a good product at a good price. I would define a good product as one that meets the customer's needs and a price that does not prohibit the customer from fulfilling this need. If you carry on doing this, then your customers will become repeat customers. If they do not become repeat customers then you have broken this rule.

This is not to say that advertising is unnecessary. It goes without saying that you have to get the word out in the beginning and this is where a good press release and a top class newsletter can be of assistance. Press releases are good to lure new customers while newsletters are good for retaining old ones.

The best thing about newsletters is that they are cheap and serve several purposes. They keep your customers up to date with product developments, special offers and new services. They also serve the purpose of answering frequently asked questions and offering discounts to repeat customers.

Where newsletters are concerned, offering a bonus gift or a special discount to new or repeat customers should form a key component for maximum effectiveness. And never forget coupons! They may seem old fashioned but customers still tend to keep their eyes open for coupons to redeem at their favorites stores for their favorite products. In addition, coupons are a great way to track customer habits.

When compiling a newsletter be sure not to short-change the readers. The newsletter must in fact contain newsworthy items. Don't just serve up warmed-over information.
There is too much information around anyway so don't risk alienating your customers by wasting their time on old news or information taken from another source. Offer your customers hot and usable information that will save them time and money and help them make the right decisions in their life and business as these relate to your products and services. They must feel that if they do business with you they will always get the latest news and be informed about the latest innovations. And make your customers feel as though they are party to privileged or exclusive information. This is critical to retaining your customers.

Do not make the mistake of writing newsletters that are all about you and your firm. No one really cares about you and your business. The harsh fact is that they care about themselves. The technique of persuasive copywriting and repeat business is to make your newsletter all about the person who is reading it. If you newsletter makes the reader feel you are reading their minds, then you have excelled in the fine art of customer marketing relations.

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