Improving Your Golf Game Using The Right Attitude

Improving your golf game using the right attitude is it possible? The answer is Yes As golfers we all try to improve our game using lessons, tips and advice from others, but few think about having an attitude adjustment to improve our golf game. Take time to read this article it may give you the answer to a better game.

The Right Attitude - Being Positive

Improving your golf game is not just about the shots you make or the kit you choose. If it were that easy more of us would have single figure handicaps.

We all 'think' or talk to ourselves in our minds up to 70% of the time. We start thinking from the moment we get up until we fall asleep at night. Has someone ever said to you ' what are you thinking about?'

What we say to ourselves in these times of thought is particularly important when it comes to golf. How many times have you heard some of the following:- I never like this hole - Water, it's like a magnet - I can never get out of that bunker - As soon as I know I'm making a good score I go to pieces on the 17th!

Why do we even bother to play, because just as soon at the prophecy happens we say 'There you are what did I tell you.' Of course you should not be surprised - you already said to yourself what was going to happen, and you were right. You need to turn all those negative thoughts around to positive ones.

What's stopping us being positive?

Well it's simple, we have 'thought barriers' and they are not always easy to recognize. We can be the most positive and confident person at home or work. So when we step onto a golf course, why is it that the different person takes over?

Do you recognize any of these:

I've got no chance against a 10 handicapper. She must know the rules, she's been a member for 18 years. These youngsters are much more confident than me. Some days I'm just not lucky. I can't get over the water.

These are all negative thoughts. If you start out thinking this way then your mindset is negative and the reality is that the negative thoughts are likely to come true.

So you need to change your mindset to the positive alternative. If you tell yourself 'YOU CAN' then YOU WILL.

Look at the examples above and change them to a more positive approach.

You have more shots than the 10 handicapper, you could play very well and she could have an off day so you can beat them.

It is possible that even people who have played golf for many years do not have a correct interpretation of the rules, and you should always challenge if you believe that you are right.

It's great to be young and confident, but that also can mean a lack of experience and course management skills.

A positive mental attitude can help you get luck sometimes.

You can get over water, it's just a question of the correct club choice and your attitude of mind.

Remember when you are on the course to motivate yourself, because your playing partner wont!!.

If you make a bad shot, forget it, move on to the next one because you can't change what's already happened. Concentrate over every shot, don't be distracted. Don't give up because you've had a bad hole, or give up half way round - you don't know how everyone else is doing.

Make sure that before you go out, you set yourself a target to achieve. It could be breaking 100, 90, 80. - getting a certain number of pars or in fact anything which motivates you to a better score.

Thinking in a positive way will improve your golf game. You are in control and every shot must have your positive commitment and full concentration.

Is there a magic way to drop your handicap? Read more great articles by June-Anne Jones about the skills and techniques needed to help on improving your golf game.

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