Six Myths About Weight Loss

Losing weight here are some myths to consider. If you want to lose weight, whether it be for a special occasion or you just want to feel better about yourself than you have probably at some point encountered many false claims regarding weight loss. There is so much conflicting information on what to do, what not to do and so on that it can become overwhelming. This article intends to cut through this and to make it clear what you should be doing to help you lose weight.

One of biggest myths that will you come across is the idea that eating snacks between meals is detrimental to your diet. This is not true. Having a snack between meals can actually help your diet. If you starve yourself between your set mealtimes then your body will conserve energy by storing fat. Moreover, if you ignore hunger between meals, you are far more likely to overeat at lunchtime.

Eating in between meals is fine if you choose the right food. Instead of relying on the vending machine, take fruits and other low-fat products to work. A successful diet plan is based on your calories intake, not the amount of meals that you eat in a day.

Another myth is the idea that all carbohydrates are bad for your diet. This is not the case. Instead what is important to understand is that there different kinds of carbohydrates available. They get a bad press because of the carbohydrates that contain calories such as sugar. If you choose carbohydrates with low fat and low sugar such as wholegrain bread and grain pasta then you will not put on weight. Perhaps you might find it interesting to know that when exercising the body will use carbohydrates to burn fat.

You will hear some people argue that if you skip breakfast then your diet will fail. Again this is not true. What counts is your daily calorie intake. It is perfectly OK to not eat as soon as you wake up and this is entirely your preference. However you do not want to allow yourself to go too long without food as this increases the likelihood of overeating later in the day. A light snack such as fruit or a low-fat yogurt is fine.

Another myth is that you should avoid all fat-based food. If you do this you will be harming your diet. This sounds contradictory but your body needs a certain amount of fat. This is good for you as it makes you feel full after you have eaten. By eliminating fat from your diet you increase your hunger levels and so at some point you will eat more. Fat intake in moderation as part of a diet that monitors calories will be beneficial to your overall health.

The next two myths go hand in hand. Some people argue that there is no need to count calories and instead you should just focus on exercise as this is what will help you to lose weight.

These are half truths. You need to be methodical about your weight loss program. If you do not record your calorie intake then you are more likely to underestimate it. By recording this information you can calculate what your projected intake will be in proportion to your exercise routine.

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