Wondering what type of origami paper to use for your project? Hopefully the information in this article will help!

Origami flowers

What materials are needed for origami? This is an activity requiring just one thing - origami paper! Is this type of paper really necessary when creating this type of artwork? Not necessarily!

With just one piece of plain paper an individual can create numerous beautiful and complex compositions. The type of paper used for origami would depend on the project. For simple projects such as a paper airplane or a crane, normal copy paper (19-24lbs) is sufficient. For people who are learning this art, using normal copy paper would likely be a smart idea since it would be less-expensive than buying fancy origami paper.

For many projects, heavy paper (approx. 25lbs) is required for origami art. Not only is this activity done with dry paper but often individuals make wet folds, which does require a heavier paper. Wet folding in origami is a technique used when the creator is attempting a rounded piece of work. The wet paper allows for sculpting. When the object dries, it is sturdy.

There are special papers made for origami. This paper is often called kami, which is the Japanese word for paper. Kami can be bought in various sizes from 2.5cm to 35cm and more. These square pieces of origami paper generally are prepackaged. Origami paper usually weighs less than copy paper allowing it to be used for all sorts of projects. This special paper can be bought in many different colors, usually with one side white and the other colored. Origami paper can also be bought with both sides colored (usually two different colors) and with designs and patterns on it.

Complex projects frequently use different types of foil paper in origami. One type, usually sold commercially, is foil-back paper. This particular paper is very strong and provides an excellent working base for complex origami. There are also tissue foils that can be used for origami. Tissue foils are usually glued to both sides of a piece of aluminum foil to make a piece of origami paper.

There are stronger types of paper on the market used specifically for origami. The Japanese use a paper called Washi, which is made from various wood fibers and is stronger than paper made from wood pulp. Since origami is popular in Japan, a paper such as this would certainly be beneficial. There are other special papers which are made to be durable but flexible for thin, narrow pieces in projects.

Since paper is the only material needed for origami, it is essential to have the right type for the intended composition. Because origami is time consuming and often includes tiny objects, it's important to have paper that can withstand the process. Having the perfect paper for origami is the same as having the perfect canvas for a painting. Without it, the individual cannot be certain of success.

Who ever knew that folding paper could be so complicated? For those interested in origami, it's not as much complicated as it is challenging. If setting out to create something simple like an airplane or elaborate origami flowers, the perfect paper is necessary.

Where would you find all the different types of paper needed for origami? Sometimes craft stores have origami kits for beginners which would include paper and instructions. Depending on the store, they may also carry a selection of different types of paper made especially for origami. Perhaps the best place to find information about and to buy this type of paper is on the Internet. A simple search with a search engine will quickly link you to an origami paper source.

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