Pansies A Great Flowering Plant To Keep Your Garden Alive

Pansies are a great flowering plant to keep your garden alive during the cold days of winter! As fall arrives and the leaves begin to change color and our flowers start to lose leaves and die, many people will allow their gardens to go dormant for the winter months. Having a garden with no flowers seems a waste, especially when we can have an outstanding display of color from these bedding plants all winter long. Rather than closing your gardening season, it can be another beginning by planting these beautiful, colorful flowers.

These plants come in a variety of sizes, colors and types. They come in purples, blues, whites, pinks, reds, yellows and there is even a black variety. Some have solid color petals and no faces, to multiple colors with hilighted faces, and others that have blended colors. The flowers look and feel like a soft velvet and they will bloom over a long period of time. To keep the plants blooming, remove the dead flowers. Pansies thrive in cool weather and will bloom for you from the fall months until it turns to hot weather, which causes them to die in the summer. They prefer to be planted in a moderately rich, well-drained soil. They will grow in full sun to partial shade. Ones that have been planted in the full sun will always be the first to die when the warmer days of summer arrive; those planted in the shady areas will last longer.

Some pansies have a delicate perfume-like aroma and are very pleasant to have in the house. The fragrance and the beautiful flowers will bring added pleasure to the room. They seem to have a stonger aroma eaarly in the mornings.

These kind of flowers are not only a wonderful bedding plant but are also edible as well. They are used in salads, and are crystallized and used as decorations on cakes. Should you try them in a salad, wash them in cold water to remove any pesticides that may have been sprayed on them.

If you live in a condominium or apartment or in a home with a small yard, planting pansies may be the answer. They make ideal container plants and will be great for the front porch patio or deck. Water them on a regular basis, even when it is cold. They don't need to be saturated,but do make sure the soil is moist.

These bedding plants need regular firtilizing during the entire growing season. Begin to fertilize at planting and add additional fertilizer during any warm spell throughout the winter. They will grow well with a little bloodmeal added to the soil. If you use bloodmeal, place it into the soil very lightly; it is a high nitrogen fertilizer but any commercial fertilizer will work well.

Occasionally squirrels and rabbits will find pansies good to nibble on, but other than that, few things will bother your plants. Use whatever resources you have to deter them. Bloodmeal used as a fertilizer will help deter most of the pests.

Overall, pansies are easy to plant and easy to take care of. They will add color and amaze you at how beautiful and durable such a delicate plant can be.

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