Perfect Mastiff Puppy, How Do You Find The Right One?

Finding the Perfect Mastiff Puppy by Bruval Krislin

Yep, there's no doubt about it, you're hooked. You think that the Mastiff is just the greatest dog that ever lived (and quite frankly, we're not about to argue with you!). So now your quest to find a purebred Mastiff puppy to call your own begins.

How to you find this elusive "perfect Mastiff puppy"? Follow your first inclination and start with a local search. Try the paper and phone book. Whatever you do, don't get a puppy based on the convenience of finding a local breeder. What's a little distance compared to the joy of finding your perfect puppy. So even before you look through the ads in your local newspaper, try visiting These "dog folks" love to talk "Mastiff." They'll be happy to show their passion. And they'll be more than happy to steer you in the proper direction of a reputable breeder. some dog shows. Those who are showing their dogs at the show may either be breeders or know of good breeders. Go ahead, take your time. Why would a show dog owner want to share their knowledge? Several reasons: they just love Mastiffs and are committed to the breed, they want quality maintained in Mastiff bloodlines, and they enjoy bragging on their baby! Collect information about breeders so you'll have a list from which to research.

What should you be getting from this conversation? You're getting a feel for the breeder's" dog ethics" as well as his or her commitment to the Mastiff as a breed. Don't worry that you may not be exactly sure what answers you're looking for - or even what questions to ask. Right about now you're going on your intuition. Trust me, you'll know.

A quality breeder talks money last. Too much pressure is also a bad sign. Pay attention to their willingness to answer your questions and their excitement when talking about the breed.

Take your time and do your homework. This is a major decision . When you find a quality breeder, who has a litter available or soon to be available, make an appointment. Be prepared to get the "second degree". A good breeder is concerned about where his pups will end up.

Find out how long he's bred Mastiffs, what he loves about the breed. Depending on your interest, you'll want to know if his Mastiffs are show dogs or pets. Ask about issues particular to the breed such as property needs and health issues.

Don't be offended by the number of questions the breeder asks you - or even by the nature of some them. He's asking because he just cares that much for his Mastiffs - and that's always a good sign.

After you've narrowed your search, the waiting begins. Puppies are sold in order of interest so be expected to wait, however if they way is too long, just pick the next breeder on your list.

Finally, the day has arrived, the puppies are ready for to be visited. They should be 2-3 months old. Their personality traits will be apparent. Check to see how they fit in to your family.

Bring the entire family along for the selection process.

Of course, your decison will be based on your plans for your Mastiff. Do you want to raise Mastiffs? Are you interested in a show dog, if that's the case make sure you select a dog that exhibits the proper characteristics.

On the other hand, if you want a dog who is going to be a loyal family pet, then it's not as important that the dog meets all the physical criteria of the breed. You're looking for the most lovable pup in the litter.

After you negotiate your price, you may have to wait another week or two. That will give you time to prepare your home for the latest member.

And one more thing--enjoy your new How to you find this elusive perfect Mastiff puppy"!

We would like to thank Bruval Krislin For submitting this article on finding your perfect Mastiff puppy. If you are looking for a Mastiff puppy we hope this article has been a benefit to you.

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