Commonly Asked Questions about Tapestry

Considering using tapestries to decorate your home? Here are some questions about tapestry that people frequently ask. For those who are considering displaying tapestry's instead of a painting, know that they make a warm wonderful addition to your home.

First questions about Tapestry, how do you hang them? Well, there are two ways to do it. You can either use a wooden dowel or a decorative rod. You do this by putting in the rod through a hidden pocket similar to what you do when you hang a curtain which you can easily get it from the hardware store.

The difference with the two is that the wooden dowel can only hold short tapestries while the decorative rod can hold longer ones. To make it look nice, you can hang a set of tieback tassels that coordinate with the colors in the tapestry on each of the rod. Another suggestion will be to use other decorative items to accentuate the tapestry.

But what if the tapestry you purchased does not have a hidden pocket for the rod? If that is case, don’t worry because you can make one by getting some thread. The other option is to use special clips which can also be attached to a rod.

What do you do if the tapestry has creases? The only way to get rid of creases is to iron it out. If you have steamer, that shouldn’t be a problem but if you are using an iron, put the tapestry on an ironing board face down including a soft cloth along the crease. Gently iron it until the crease has been removed.

If there is a flaw in the tapestry, does this mean it is a factory defect? When we see this in clothes, the answer is yes but in the case of tapestry, the answer is no. This is because hand woven tapestries are individual woven on a loom which means you can’t expect it uniform. Of course the story is different when this is made by a machine which is why you should check it carefully before leaving the store.

Here is a good questions about tapestry. How do you clean them? The best thing about tapestries is that it requires low maintenance. This means you can get it cleaned by using a light brush or vacuuming the front and back once or twice a year. You also have the option of bringing it to the laundry for dry cleaning.

What if the bottom part of the tapestry curls? Such things happen because of the weather and the only way to stop this from happening is put some weight in the bottom. The other option will be to sow a pocket in the bottom so a rod can be inserted because the more pull it provides, the greater the chances that crease issue will be resolved.

Here is a good questions about tapestry. Should tapestries be only displayed indoors? The answer is no but be warned that frequent exposure to direct sunlight will make the fabric of the tapestry fade. If you still want to display it outside, make sure that this in hung somewhere that does not get a lot of exposure from the sun.

Now that you know a thing or two about tapestries, you should not have problem displaying and taking care of it. The only challenge now is finding one that will follow the overall theme of the room.

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